MPW Zero-Calorie Soda

A can of Narc zero-calorie soda.

Zero-calorie soda was a type of soft drink.


Zero-calorie sodas were first developed around 1952 with the creation of the No-Cal Soda by Hyman Kirsch and Morris Kirsch as a method of selling soft drinks to diabetics. Eventually it caught on to the soda industry and became a large part of the industry.

Peace Walker Incident

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During the Peace Walker Incident in 1974, Big Boss and his mercenary group, the Militaires Sans Frontières, procured recipes for the canned soft drink Narc Soda,[1] as well as a recipe for tortilla chips, after neutralizing a LAVtype-G unit near Bananal Fruta de Oro, and rescuing Amanda Valenciano Libre. As a result, MSF's R&D Team developed a no sugar carbonated drink that was ahead of its time.

Behind the scenes

500x pepsi

Pepsi NEX in the Japanese version.

In the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the soda item is actually Pepsi NEX, which was added in as product placement by Hideo Kojima.[2] In the English version, the Pepsi NEX brand was replaced in the game, presumably for copyright issues, despite being a Japan only drink. The soda's design in the model viewer was instead replaced with that of Narc Soda, the soda drink that Drebin 893 often drank in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. A briefing file where Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller discuss Pepsi NEX was also removed from versions outside Japan.[3] The briefing file indicated that Big Boss hadn't heard of a zero calorie drink before Miller drank it in front of him during a meeting between the two about new developments in R&D, and that Miller hadn't initially thought of a name for the drink until Snake asked. In addition, Big Boss initially didn't see any real reason to mass-produce the soft drink due to already having Mate and Mountain Dew, with Miller also indicating that he was already "hooked" to it and that the drink had a "thick, but sharp taste" that was refreshing.[4]
A t-shirt with the PEPSI NEX logo. Identical to the Jungle Fatiques in basic characteristics. A must wear for PEPSI NEX drinkers!
PEPSI NEX T-shirt description (English translation) in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

To promote Peace Walker's release, passcodes were given on specially printed Mountain Dew cans, which allowed the player to unlock a Pepsi NEX and/or a Mountain Dew T-shirt in-game, as well as some soldiers that came along with the shirt.


"Zero-calorie carbonated soft drink. Recovers PSYCHE and a small amount of LIFE. Automatically used if LIFE reaches zero when equipped."
―Zero-calorie Soda item description in the English version for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
―Pepsi NEX item description in the Japanese version for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"A cola drink that seeks to preserve its delicious flavor while having zero calories. It has the thickness and substantiality of a cola, while also having a crisp refreshing flavor. Recovers PSYCHE and a small amount of LIFE."
―Translated Pepsi NEX item description in the Japanese version for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"Excess body fat can lower the odds of survival on the battlefield, reducing mobility as well as the stealth benefits of camouflage.
To keep body fat in check, military R&D developed an artificial sweetener which in turn led to the introduction of a non-sugar, zero-calorie carbonated drink that is way ahead of its time.
―Zero-Calorie Soda model viewer description in the English version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
『NEX』とは新時代のコーラ(NEXT COLA)が語源。
『NEW EXPECTATION(新しい期待)』などの意味も込められている。
―Pepsi NEX model viewer description in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"Pepsi NEX, a cola that seeks delicious flavor and zero calories. It has a thickness with clean refreshing taste and none of the calories. It is distinguished by its cola-like substantiality. Its stylish label design, with its impactful black background and silver gradient, has attracted strong support. The "NEX" represents its status as the Next Generation of Cola. It can also mean "New Excitement", "New Experience" or "New Expectation"."
―Translated Pepsi NEX model viewer description in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

The Zero-Calorie Soda restores PSYCHE and a small amount of LIFE. If the LIFE Gauge reaches zero while the soda is equipped, it will automatically be used.

When being attacked by a weapon that reduces LIFE and PSYCHE such as the Peace Walker AI weapon's flamethrower attack, use the Zero-Calorie Soda to undo such effects. The soda is also ideal for use in tiring battles against Type II and Custom AI weapons, or Monsters, that potentially reduce both LIFE and PSYCHE.


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