The XM25 Punisher is a newly-developed man portable grenade launcher that fires 25mm air burst grenades. The flight distance between launch and detonation can be set to the user's preference. The grenades can provide an effective means of attacking targets hidden behind obstacles if set to detonate just as they reach the other side of the obstruction, making the XM25 ideally suited against enemies who use obstacles and the terrain to hide. Note: The XM25 is the only heavy weapon in the game that can be used during the motorcycle chase sequence.

The XM25 was developed from the US Army's cancelled OICW program, having originally been designed as the M29 5.56mm rifle/40mm grenade launcher hybrid. The new simplified design fires a new lighter, more effective 25mm programmable airburst grenade. The XM25's nickname, "the Punisher", was bestowed by US soldiers who fielded the first 5 test units in Afghanistan in 2010.

Several of Outer Heaven's Haven Troopers utilized the XM25.

Behind the scenes

The XM25 can be found in Act 1: Advent Palace. Some of the FROGS on the roof may have one, and after defeating Crying Wolf at the top of one of the two comms towers. Can also be purchased from Drebin for 80,000 DP.

The XM25 was based on the mockup version of the weapon instead of the final version.

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