The Wormhole Extraction Device (WED) was an upgradeable, and more effective version of the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system.

Something similar was used for infiltrating various rival private forces' FOBs, with a portable version called a Wormhole Generator also being used during infiltrations.

Several items and living creatures had dropped in and out of the mysterious alternate dimension known as Dite via mysterious wormholes.

Behind the scenes

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain the Wormhole Extraction Device was first revealed in the 2015 Gamescom gameplay demo, as an upgradeable version of the Fulton system. The WED was used to extract containers, vehicles and soldiers either outdoors and indoors with a 100% success rate. The WED has the same process and icon as the Fulton Device, the target is lifted into a 6 foot long orange wormhole, with fire-like sparks coming from it. The wormhole was 12 feet from the ground, and the target hovered in in for a few seconds before going into it, and the wormhole itself disappearing. It was stated that unlike the balloon fultons the WED cannot be shot down, however during the time the target is being lifted, it can still sustain damage. The device is developed in single-player via upgrading the Fulton.

Added function for Fulton recovery device.
Uses a wormhole to transport all manner of cargo off the battlefield, from soldiers, children, and animals to vehicles and containers.
Wormhole Extraction'"
―+Wormhole Extraction upgrade for Fulton device description in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The E-RB Wormhole Generator, another items with wormhole technology, was introducted during an FOB Event, as a blueprint to be buy with events point and limited use only during FOB Missions. With a shape similar to the Directional Mine, it has the CAUTION written on the front. Once positioned, it can be activated at any time by teleporting the player to where he is positioned. When activated, an orange wormhole is generated at the player's feet, which disappears and reappears where the generator had been positioned.

E-RB Wormhole Generator.
Remotely activated, it allows the user to warp to the location where it was placed. Once placed, hold the Ready Button and press the Action Button to activate.
* Can be used only during FOB Missions.
―Wormhole Generator description in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In Metal Gear Survive, the Wormhole Extraction Device is used to capture animal alive, or captured a defeated creature in its entirety to obtain Kuban Energy. If the corresponding livestock facility isn't constructed at Base Camp, captured animals are secured as materials.

"Wormhole Extraction Device.
Device that transports a specific target to Base Camp through a wormhole.
―Wormhole Extraction Device description in Metal Gear Survive
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