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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." Its canonicity within the continuity is disputed, therefore reader discretion is advised.[?]

World Marshal, Inc. was a private military company based in Denver, Colorado. Following the downfall of Liquid Ocelot's Outer Heaven in 2014, World Marshal became the largest PMC on the planet, and the largest supplier of cybernetic body parts. The Colorado Senator Steven Armstrong had strong ties to the organization.


After Outer Heaven's five PMCs split up after the events of the Guns of the Patriots Incident in 2014, World Marshal, Inc. became the largest PMC. In 2016, a national Grand Jury investigated Senator Armstrong for his connection with the PMC. Based in Denver, it also acted as the de facto government over Denver, even going as far as to control the police forces of the city in large part because of their being subcontracted out to them due to small government legislation passed by then-Colorado state senator Steven Armstrong slashing the state budget. As such, they also had the privatized police force kill off civilians who committed actions World Marshal disapproved of and cover it up as a casualty from being caught in crossfire.[1] At least one of its executives, Johnson, was a Japanese enthusiast, even going as far as to have part of the upper levels of the building renovated to resemble a Japanese garden. Armstrong, however, ended up disgusted by the design choice, in particular the addition of cherry blossom trees, and implied that he was going to fire Johnson for this, at the very least.[2] Besides their status as a PMC, they were also the largest supplier of cyborg equipment, which also led to them teaming up with the Delaware-based PMC Desperado Enforcement LLC. Although their main headquarters was stationed in Colorado, Desperado commander Sundowner revealed that the company had offices across the world.

World Marshal Incidents

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In 2018, Armstrong, wishing to remake America back to what it once was, had Desperado and World Marshal remove brains from trafficked children to place into cyborg head casings in order to train them under virtual reality in a method similar to Solidus Snake's former training of child soldiers in Liberia. Raiden, a member of the Nevada-based PMC Maverick Security Consulting, Inc. as well as a former child soldier under Solidus Snake, uncovered this plot during an investigation into a lab in Mexico. Their main headquarters was later raided by Raiden, with Maverick giving unofficial support for Raiden, with the brain casings later recovered. World Marshal, however, had earlier called in a favor to launch two MQ-320-class military-grade drones to attack Doktor and Raiden during their escape outside of official channels, despite Raiden not being a threat to national security.

World Marshal later participated in Pakistan as part of a false-flag operation, while also covering up their activities and presence by painting their camouflage to resemble that of Desperado Enforcement LLC., and also making it seem as though Desperado hacked into their systems and their cyborgs. They largely did this to demonstrate to the United States Department of Defense why they are still necessary, as at least half of World Marshal's contracts were not renewed by March 2018 and/or rewritten by the United States government in large part due to the recession that occurred in the United States post-war economy.

Armstrong was later killed by Raiden at Pakistan, and with Armstrong's death led to World Marshal's funding crippled (literally, in this case) causing the company to be for sale. Nonetheless, with the death of Armstrong and the termination of World Marshal's Sears program, World Marshal itself was disbanded.

Military resources (as of 2018)


Military hardware

Behind the scenes

World Marshall was first alluded to during the Make It Right Campaign with Senator Armstrong's defaced election poster War On Our Shores, which mentioned that the poster was paid for by World Marshall.

During the fourth act, a Codec call states that cyborg PMC police units like the World Marshal units encountered are increasingly common, and states that the approach was pioneered in Detroit. This is a sly reference to RoboCop.

Although Armstrong said he would fire Johnson, Doktor refers to Johnson's job in the present tense during the fifth act, possibly suggesting Armstrong didn't carry out his threat.[3]

Notes and references

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