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Dr. William L. Flemming was a research scientist at the Lobito Physics and Chemistry Lab and the co-creator of Project Pythagoras, along with Hans Davis. He was previously involved in biological weapons development for the U.S. military. He went rogue and wanted revenge against BEAGLE for kidnapping and brainwashing his daughter, Constance Flemming. Flemming used the alias "Gary Murray."


Flemming was originally believed to be Gary Murray, a lab assistant who had escaped from Leone's men. Solid Snake first met him in the Control Room after being contacted by him on the Codec. He told Snake that Dr. Flemming, who Snake was searching for, was located in the Residential Area. This ended up being a trap and Snake's team became suspicious of him. Gary ended up contacting Snake and Teliko when they reached BRC-026 and told them what Pythagoras really was, along with telling them that he wanted the ACUA data in order to become rich, and would kill Flemming once he got what he wanted.

Gary and Snake met again inside BRC-026, where he revealed to Snake that he was actually Flemming and called Snake by the name of Hans Davis. He went on to say that Snake, as Hans, created Pythagoras and was a BEAGLE executive. He then told Snake that he would give him the data for Pythagoras, but only if he was truly Hans Davis and no longer Solid Snake. Teliko then showed up and shot the Pythagoras data out of his hands and Flemming escaped to the FAR research building.

He showed up again in order to capture Leone outside of FAR while Snake and Teliko shut down the powerhouse as a part of their plan to enter the research building.

After battling Snake and Teliko using Metal Gear KODOQUE, Teliko managed to shoot and kill him, thwarting his plans.

Behind the scenes

In Flemming's artwork for Metal Gear Acid, a Gurlukovich Soldier, dressed in Big Shell gear, can be seen behind him.

Flemming bears some resemblance to Wind/Eric LeCarde from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, in attire, as well as having a personal motive in wanting to take down the main villains, regarding at least one family member being kidnapped and brainwashed by the main villains.

He originally had a much different design, slightly resembling Naked Snake with a white lab coat and green military pants. In addition, Flemming originally had two subordinates.


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