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Ronard Lensenbrink , better known as Weasel, was a member of Solid Snake's support crew during the Galuade Incident. He was a mercenary said to be one of the most well known and resourceful in the world, who kept himself informed about current mercenary activities around the globe thanks to his private connections. He earned the nickname "Weasel" due to his ferocity and cunning, which he didn't mind.

In 1997, Weasel participated in a war, in which his brother, who fought for the opposite side, was killed. His brother had earlier joined as a mercenary to be close to him, with Weasel realizing it was foolish. Despite not being directly responsible for his brother's death, rumors started spreading that he had murdered his brother. Shortly afterward, in large part because of these rumors, his mother committed suicide and his father, enraged over the lost of his wife and younger son, blamed Weasel for their deaths came at him with a knife. When it was over Weasel was stabbed and had gotten a scar on his right eye and his father was paralyzed and was forced to use a wheelchair.

During the Galuade Incident, Weasel was working for Steve Gardner, the National Security Advisor, to monitor Solid Snake and his support crew and eliminate anyone with knowledge of Gardner's involvement in Project Babel. After Weasel killed Brian McBride in self-defense via gunshot, he decided to spare Mei Ling and Roy Campbell after developing a friendship with them, willing to forsake half his pay as a result. When questioned by Campbell about whether he'll be okay, citing his decision could result in his death, Weasel simply stated that he "knew how to take care of himself."[1]

Behind the scenes

Weasel is a character who appears as a member of Solid Snake's support crew in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. His real surname, Lensenbrink, is a mistransliteration of Rensenbrink.

Notes and references

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    Weasel: ....So I'd like to say, but unfortunately, I kind of like you people. Especially your bleeding heart ways. Totally wrong for a combat situation, you know. It's been a while since I met people like you. // Roy Campbell: Weasel? // Weasel: Get out of here. I'll feed some story to Gardner. Probably get only half my pay for letting you escape, but who cares. // Campbell: Are you going to be all right? You could be in danger! // Weasel: I know how to take care of myself, don't you worry.
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