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Wardenclyffe Section was a secret research organization of the United States Federal Government that was dedicated to the investigation of several mysterious infectious organisms. It was apparently unknown even to XOF's soldiers, as implied by Reeve being unfamiliar with the organization upon meeting Goodluck.

In September 1974, six months after the events of the Ground Zeroes Incident, the group recruited a surviving Mother Base soldier into their organization. The soldier was sent through a wormhole to synthesize a cure for the organisms and rescue those who had been pulled into the various wormholes six months earlier, mainly because they had already been infected during their brief encounter at Mother Base.




Behind the scenes

The Wardenclyffe Section is a major group that appears in the game Metal Gear Survive. It was first identified in a fact sheet for the game released by Konami on January 13, 2018, also giving some basic information about the group.[2]

The Section was named after the Wardenclyffe Tower, an early experimental wireless transmission station designed and built by Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla. The tower is seen on the Section's flag during a cutscene when Goodluck talks about when the Section first observed a wormhole to Dite and during radio conversations with Joseph Gruen as the Section's logo.

On the PSN and Xbox Live designs for the SV Coins, the Wardenclyffe Logo is present on the coins.

According to the flavor text for The Ferryman's Legacy, the Wardenclyffe Section had set up a singularity to replenish supplies, although they never used it before the Charon Corps perished.[3]

Notes and references

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    EVENT - The Ferryman's Legacy -
    Captain. The analysis revealed some new information about a Singularity that could help us replenish our supplies.
    The section did set everything up for the Charon Corps, but it seems that they never used it.

    We also found that this singularity will most likely disappear in a very short period of time.
    We need to secure as much resources as we can before it vanishes.

    We're counting on you, Captain.


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