This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Victoria Reed was allegedly an AI programmer and whistleblower who uncovered that her research was going to be used as a weapon of mass destruction, also hiring Philanthropy to stop the military from implementing her research within the facility she worked at.

Reed claimed to have heard about Snake from the military community and had always thought he was a myth.[1] She also claimed that she grew up near a dark forest that made her fearful of perceived monsters within that were out to get her, and that she had an older brother who didn't believe in monsters' existence.

It was later revealed that "Victoria Reed" did not actually exist, and was an AI program created specifically to lure Solid Snake in and allow a group of terrorists easy access to Metal Gear REX. When the AI started to crash due to the real Otacon's hacking, "Victoria Reed" told Snake "it's time to take a break."



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    Solid Snake: I'm curious, how did you know to contact us? // Victoria Reed: You're a legend in the military community, Snake. I always thought you were a myth, until I dug a little deeper......and found the man behind the myth. The man who could help me escape. // Solid Snake: Why are you so desperate to get out of here? // Victoria Reed: My work will be used to kill thousands... Millions perhaps....I cannot let that happen. You've got to stop them, Snake. Please... Hurry! // Solid Snake: Otacon, who exactly am I up against? // Otacon: NO RESPONSE
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