Hey Guys, You know we all have seen The Story lines from MGS 3 up until MGS 4. And So, The Boss dies, then The Incident With Gene and Cunningham, which tells us that Ocelot Gets the Philosophers documents. Followed by The Les Enfants Terribles Project, And now Skipping all the way to MGS4 we come to See Solid-Snake Has Aged More than His Life Span Has Qualified for. He looks about 60, when he should be in his Mid Forties. Which is about like saying “Man i saw this guy the other day, He looked just like you, ‘cept different hair color, eye color, He was fatter and a lot shorter” i mean so snake is maybe forty five, but and he Looks Sixty, Jeez Father time, You Weren’t Too Kind To Our Friend David here, Whats Up with that? Seriously though, Where did the Years go?

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