Hmm. If you can't tell by the title I decided to try a different battle instead of Snake Raiden or Big Boss. Well what do you think? It's a Capcom Vs Konami. Seriously why haven't we seen one of those yet? We've got Marvel vs Capcom Capcom vs Tekken Mortal Kombat vs DC

SNK Vs Capcom Super Smash Bros Brawl what is Konami missing? I feel that Konami is being left out of some the major fighting games. I mean Konami has a huge roster of characters although maybe not as large as Capcom or Namco but I think Konami has more than enough in future fighting games. But I'm getting off topic here.

Capcom Vs Konami type battle. Chun-Li vs The Boss. You may think this a one sided battle but I don't think so. It's comes down to age vs youth. (Well technically neither one of them are young per say. Seeing how both women would be in their 40s but whatever. Skill vs Skill.

Two of the strongest women in gaming history facing each other. Sounds promising. But what do you think? Post comment below and bye.

P.S. Capcom if your listening I just gave you an idea. Using it. Make it will get you out of that 152 million dollar hole you put yourselves in. It's your fault for not listening to your Fanbase.--Gekkou30 (talk) 19:16, March 15, 2014 (UTC)
SF Legends Chun Li Issue 1 by UdonCrew

A New Challenger awaits you.

The Boss

Prepare yourself child. Face me.