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My name's Bluerock, and I'm a huge fan of the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Solid was the first game I owned on the PlayStation, and I still play it to this day! I'm one of the admins of the Metal Gear Wiki, and while I'm not the most technically adept person on the wiki, I will try and help out anyone wherever I can :)

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Metal Gear Solid memories

I've managed to complete all the games in the Metal Gear series, though I'm not hardcore enough to have achieved the 'Big Boss' rankings on all of them, except for MGS4, which is, admittedly, much easier to obtain (since the number of saves don't count). Even so, I have received the 'Fox' codename on MGS1, which is probably the toughest game on Extreme (considering the older gameplay) so I am at least the best operative in FOXHOUND, MWAHAHAHAA!

Metal Gear and Snake's Revenge

Although I never played these games when they were first released, I was first exposed to the Metal Gear universe via advertisements for the Ultra Games versions that were released on the NES. I remember thinking that the equipment showcase for Metal Gear was really neat, and the Snake's Revenge/Super C newspaper front pages also piqued my interest. Although the games were actually released in the late 80's around the time I was born, I only encountered these ads on the back covers of some old Marvel comics that were handed down to me in the mid '90s. I would never realize the connection between these ads and Metal Gear Solid until many, many years later.

Ultra games mg ad.jpg 4565673726 9cd6d7a504 z.jpg

Metal Gear Solid

I first played MGS1 back in 1999 upon receiving the PS1 as a birthday gift (my previous console was a hand-me-down NES). These are just a few of my memories from some of my early playthroughs:

MGS screen psx.jpg

  • I was amazed at the vibration feedback during the Hind’s first appearance, having never owned a DualShock controller before;
  • I was amused by Snake’s “pineapple” line, having never heard this term for grenades before;
  • I was surprised that guards noticed Snake’s footprints in the snow;
  • I used to always take the lower duct into the tank hangar, missing out on the thermal goggles and “the other intruder” cutscene;
  • I actually knew what an ocelot was prior to MGS, due to having been something of an animal enthusiast as a kid;
  • I once used C4 to battle Ocelot, forgetting about the trip wires. My sibling jokingly called me an “idiot” when I detonated it, then wouldn’t ya know, Ocelot said the same thing during the Game Over sequence!;
  • I didn’t figure out where Meryl’s Codec frequency was, instead thinking the “CD case” was referring to the MO Disc. It eventually appeared in the Codec’s memory window, but I had no idea how it got there at the time;
  • Being non-American, I first heard of the Watergate scandal from this game;
  • I was amazed at Psycho Mantis’s telekinetic antics with the controller, as I had never seen anything like it before in a game;
  • I discovered how to beat Mantis completely by accident. Both controllers were plugged in, I picked up the second accidentally, thought to myself “hmm, it works?” then just used it from then on. Never realized this was a prerequisite until the controller ceased functioning after the battle;
  • Mantis's "Blackout!" attack made me think there was a problem with the TV set, or that I had pressed the remote by accident. Only during a second playthrough on a different TV, did I realize that the black "HIDEO" screen was intentional;
  • I managed to resist Ocelot’s torture on the first playthrough, after discovering my proficiency at button mashing;
  • I managed to pick up the rope before ascending Communications Tower A, saving me from having to trek all the way back down;
  • I used the Nikita to defeat Sniper Wolf (Snowfield) on my first playthough;
  • I didn’t play through the VR missions until after completing the game.

I'll update this list as I recall more from those early days. So what are your first memories of Metal Gear? (Post them on your user pages.)

Sons of Liberty

I found the jump cut between Arsenal Gear heading to Manhattan and the aftermath of the crash to be really jarring in my first playthrough. This was contributed in part by the city being completely lifeless and silent, and I couldn't figure out if it was real or just a dream. Only later, did I realize this was probably the director's intention, in regards to the overall theme of MGS2's story.

Snake Eater

For my first playthrough I chose "I like MGS2!" at the menu screen, resulting in Naked Snake parachuting into Tselinoyarsk with the Raikov mask. For some reason, I either disregarded or completely forgot about Snake's appearance in a trailer that I had seen many months earlier, and believed that he had been made blond as an allusion to his clone son Liquid Snake. While his being named "Jack" and his appearance obviously also referenced Raiden from the previous game, his face was distinct enough that I was willing to accept this as the true appearance of Naked Snake. One radio conversation later, and that first impression was soon quashed. It was a while until I learned that the menu option selection actually altered the opening to the game.

I knew that the Snake depicted in the pre-release trailers to MGS3 was Big Boss straight off the bat, being the only possible explanation outside of time travel. I remember being disappointed by the revelation that his codename prefix was "Naked," as I thought it sounded silly (yes, even considering other character names in the series). I thought Kojima may have gone for "Saladin Snake," as it's kinda reminiscent of "Solid Snake."

Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2

I was so pleased that I could finally play the original two MSX2 games with the release of MGS3: Subsistence. I had earlier tried to play them via emulation on the PC but was put off by the controls, slower gameplay, and poor English translations. While I enjoyed them for the most part, the constant trekking back and forth, rifling through numerous key cards for every door, and just getting lost through lack of information (the Radio was almost useless back in those days) made the games frustrating in some areas, and I could not do a first playthrough without a guide. Now I know those old fortresses like the back of my hand!

Portable Ops

Gene's fighting style was exactly how I envisioned Black Ninja's in MG2: rapid movement (looks like teleporting in 2D graphics), and throwing weapons. In early trailers, I thought there might be a link between the two characters (the existence of an extra-terrestrial environent special force might have made more sense earlier in the Cold War).

Guns of the Patriots


I was disappointed that Cam Clarke did not return to voice Liquid in MGS4. His cheesy British accent was one of Liquid Snake's most defining characteristics from the previous games.

The REX vs. RAY battle was awesome, but did seem like forced fan service (REX is operational after the damage it took in MGS1?).

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who immediately thought of Dr. Evil's submarine from Goldmember upon seeing "Mount Snakemore" on Outer Haven. The plot just got more silly from then on.

When I first witnessed Big Boss appear in the graveyard before Snake, I was initially convinced that it must be a dream on Snake's part. I even began to doubt Snake had actually refrained from committing suicide, and was settling old issues with Big Boss in the afterlife. It soon became clear this was actually Big Boss in the flesh. It was awesome to actually see the his old incarnation rendered in 3D, something that may never have come to pass had the series ended at MGS4. It was nice of him to wrap some story details up, but his "going back to zero"/"zero becomes one" speech could have used a rewrite.

Peace Walker

When first playing this game, I was really struck by how confused Big Boss acted throughout the story. He acted as though he had never battled a Metal Gear before, had not grown in character since The Boss's death, and was not curious about her manipulation during the Virtuous mission, despite an (admittedly pointless) plot twist in Portable Ops. It was almost as though the events of the previous game had never occurred, despite an early (disparaging) reference in the beginning. This caused many to speculate the earlier game might have been rendered non-canon, or simply replaced by Peace Walker. However, it seems director Hideo Kojima deliberately ignored MPO, no longer seeing it as part of the main story, akin to the early MSX2 games (Metal Gear ZEKE seems like it's intended to replace Outer Heaven's TX-55).

Big Boss title in MGS4

I originally achieved the Big Boss title in MGS4 back in early 2012, but after the trophy update, I decided to go back and do it again, in an attempt to 100% complete the game. I had forgotten the sheer horror of the bike chase in Act 3, and my controller came perilously close to going through the TV screen at times. However, I persevered and eventually succeeded, and though I didn't finish the game in the greatest time (barely below the 5 hour limit), MGS4 is now 100% complete! I would not recommend this to any but the most patient of players. --Bluerock (talk) 18:52, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

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