A truck driver affiliated with Zero Risk Security was active in the Angola-Zaire border region during the 1980s.


After Venom Snake and the Diamond Dogs had neutralized a shipment of Walker Gears owned by the Contract Forces of Africa at Ditadi Abandoned Village, they sent a call to SANR, in reality Skull Face's Cipher XOF unit, requesting for a reshipment.[1] As such, Zero Risk Security was tasked with providing the payment to SANR in exchange for Walker Gears (since all PFs in the region were equipped with them), and were to make the payment at the Munene River near Mfinda Oilfield via barge.[2] Due to the importance of the payment (with Miller deducing that Cipher was interested in far more than the rare minerals themselves), it was also to be delivered via caravan.[3] A truck driver was tasked with delivering the goods: a shielding container containing yellowcake and drums containing malachite, which themselves contained minute amounts of Uranium (as the latter was to be enriched via metallic archaea) via BOAR-53CT.[4] Due to the extremely secret nature of the shipment, however, he was given strict orders to not open the canvas prior to meeting with XOF, nor allow anyone to look under the canvas. He then left the Nova Braga Airport to enter a convoy composed of two APCs, although not before telling one of the other soldiers to send a message to an outpost near the Munene River.[5] Kazuhira Miller, after Venom Snake spotted the truck driver, noticed that unlike the other soldiers at the airport, the truck driver was not aligned with the Contract Forces of Africa, but instead with Zero Risk Security, causing him to ponder the implications behind the cargo's high enough importance that it would require two major PFs to guard it.[6] On the way over, he made a brief pit stop at Outpost 12, and while there interacted with a soldier on duty, learning that people were disappearing in the immediate vicinity, and was also told (or rather, he deduced) that an area of the jungle near the Zaire border had people disappearing and never coming out, with the driver then telling him not to talk about it, especially as he owed the soldiers back there.[7]

The truck driver eventually continued on, although he was prevented from entering Kiziba Camp by the Private Force in charge of the area, CFA, demanding that they do a cargo check, due to recent events making them jumpy. The driver refused to let them look underneath, since that would have meant violating their contract. Eventually, he was allowed to pass on by without an inspection by the checkpoint guard after the command post told them that they have no other option but to do so after their HQ had just revealed they were in a collaborative relationship with the driver's PF, Zero Risk Security, and that unilateral actions were not allowed during the collaboration.[8]

Ultimately, the truck driver and his convoy were not able to make it to the destination, as Venom Snake had intercepted the convoy, and the Parasite Unit then proceeded to turn him and any soldiers nearby into puppet soldiers to deal with Snake, with Snake also extracting the driver as well as stealing his truck, the object he was trying to get for Diamond Dogs as part of their investigation towards Cipher's plans as revenge for events in their past.

Behind the scenes

The truck driver was a minor character in Mission 16: Traitor's Caravan. The truck driver is the subject of two optional mission tasks: One involves extracting the truck driver himself (which can only be done AFTER he leaves Nova Braga airport), while the other involves eavesdropping on three conversations he engages with various soldiers along the route. The conversations can be found at Nova Braga Airport (before he departs for the convoy), at Outpost 12, and near Kiziba Camp. The truck driver's character model and rank are always random.

If the player fails to reach the truck in time before it reaches the docks near the burnt village, the Truck Driver will call HQ stating that it's arriving with the cargo shortly, and receive confirmation from HQ that the preparations are in order.[9] The player is then treated to a cutscene where a barge arrives at the dock and the truck driver alongside his truck boards the barge before it sets sail.[10]

Notes and references

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