A truck driver affiliated with Rogue Coyote was active during the 1980s.


The truck driver had recently joined Rogue Coyote, and acted as a provisions distributor. One of his first assignments was to head to a guard post on the riverside near Ngumba Industrial Zone. However, he had previously heard a rumor that his predecessor for the job had been killed on the same route, and asked the commanding officer of the Munoko Ya Nioka Station if the rumors were true, and also expressed concern for the burned bodies before being assured that this happens all the time in a war before being directed to a map inside a nearby tent.[1]

After studying over the route map, he then proceeded to drive over to the station. Upon arrival, he was informed that he had new orders: Specifically, he was told to replace a guard who had experienced a shift change, as they were short-handed at the moment. Before heading over, however, the officer warned him about the mist as well as devils that whispered curses hiding in the mist, as well as indirectly alluded to his predecessor's fate before quickly changing the subject.[2]

After arriving at the place, he was then told by his fellow soldier that the tunnel is off limits, causing the driver to realize that this is what most likely killed his predecessor, with the soldier confirming it and revealing that his predecessor had disobeyed orders and tried to rescue the experimented prisoners, and then got killed mysteriously, then incinerated.[3] The Diamond Dogs leader Venom Snake, who at the time had been tailing the driver to find the Ngumba Industrial Zone in an attempt to rescue the former leader of the Mbele Squad, Shabani, overheard the driver's conversations.

Behind the scenes

The truck driver is a minor character in Mission 20: Voices of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Listening to all three of his conversations completes the related mission task. The conversations can be found near Munoko Ya Nioka Station just before he departs, near the broken bridge, and right near the entrance to Ngumba Industrial Zone. Although the player can recruit the soldier like any other soldier, it will not accomplish any mission tasks. Also, his character model and rank are always random.

Notes and references

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