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Trenya is a Felyne, an intelligent creature that looks like a very large cat. He is also an adventurous treasure hunter, who travels to various regions in his boat. During his adventures, Trenya took Naked Snake from the mainland of Costa Rica to Isla del Monstruo to hunt for monsters.

Peace Walker Incident

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At least one MSF soldier managed to briefly encounter Trenya near the Carribbean coast, and ended up telling his commander, Big Boss, to investigate if he got the opportunity.[1] Trenya appeared before Naked Snake in his boat at Playa del Alba, during the Peace Walker Incident in 1974. Snake instinctively pointed his gun at the enigmatic creature, then was further surprised when the cat-like animal spoke to him. Trenya asked if Snake happened to be a hunter, due to his "killer eyes," and introduced himself. He explained that if Snake was a hunter, he could take him to an island inhabited by rare creatures, thinking that Snake would "get a kick out of hunting them." Snake was surprised to learn that there were apparently creatures rarer than a talking cat, to which Trenya responded that these creatures were even bigger and were "real monsters." Trenya was disappointed to learn that Snake was not a hunter, as he had travelled all the way from Pokke Farm only to have no customers for his Monster Hunting sale thus far. Snake then remarked that he had things to do, so he'd need to find someone else to do monster hunting. Trenya then asked if Snake would at least listen to his sales pitch: On the island, there were rare monsters that would drop "amazing stuff" if they were defeated, stuff that was guaranteed to be useful, and suggested that Snake try to take a look when he had time. Snake eventually agreed to do it, decides it was "purrfect," Trena ferried him over to Isla del Monstruo.

Behind the scenes

Trenya is a character from Capcom's Monster Hunter series as part of a cross promotional gimmick. After unlocking him, Big Boss, and some friends, can go over to the island to hunt several Monster Hunter related enemies. Also, even though Trenya is explicitly referred to as a talking cat by several characters, his actual vocal speech is that of regular meows translated by subtitles.

Some soldiers will allude to seeing Trenya near the Carribbean coast in their soldier quotes.[1]



Note and references

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