A transmitter is a small electronic tracking device used to monitor somebody's movements.


The Boss and the Soviet Union

The supposed KGB spy EVA, under the alias of Tatyana, supplied Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin with shoes that had a transmitter in them, in order to monitor his movements and draw attention away from herself. Volgin discovered the transmitter inside the shoe after killing Granin in an interrogation, and proceeded to destroy it with a burst of his electricity, although he ultimately was unsure and overall didn't care whether Granin was indeed the spy or otherwise simply manipulated by the actual spy to act as a decoy, admitting this to Major Ocelot, to the latter's disgust at the overall pointless death.[1] The transmitter shoes were allegedly a recent KGB development at the time of the mission.[2] Nearing the conclusion of the Virtuous Mission, The Boss planted a transmitter on Naked Snake when getting into the CQC battle against Snake so that her Cobra Unit could trace him, which was eventually discovered by Colonel Volgin while he was torturing Snake. Snake was later fitted with the same transmitter in his back by Major Ocelot after his interrogation by Volgin.

Militaires Sans Frontières and Outer Heaven

During the Peace Walker Incident, after Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zadornov was arrested by Big Boss's mercenary group Militaires Sans Frontières, a transmitter was planted on him in case he tried to escape. The MSF used this to track him down when he successfully escaped their custody several times, though they were unable to do so during his final attempt, due to Zadornov managing to locate and remove the transmitter.[3]

A transmitter was hidden within Solid Snake's items while he was imprisoned in Outer Heaven during the Outer Heaven Uprising, which he later recovered and was forced to remove.

Czech and U.S. governments

Gustava Heffner of the STB implanted Dr. Kio Marv with a transmitter inside one of his molars shortly before his capture by Zanzibar Land agents during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance.[4][5][6] However, Zanzibar Land deduced this and it was removed from him and given to Black Ninja, before FOXHOUND commenced Operation Intrude F014, with Black Ninja also implying upon revealing himself that the transmitter used was outdated.[7]

Kenneth Baker and Donald Anderson were implanted with transmitters prior to their capture by the rogue FOXHOUND unit, during their revolt on Shadow Moses Island. Decoy Octopus took the transmitter into himself via a blood transfusion from Anderson, after the latter died under torture.

Solid Snake and Philanthropy

Solid Snake planted a transmitter on Revolver Ocelot's Metal Gear RAY when the latter made his escape from Arsenal Gear, his mind having become "possessed" by Liquid Snake.

Behind the scenes

―Transmitter description in Metal Gear

The Transmitter is an item featured in the original Metal Gear. It is found within the player's inventory upon recovering Snake's items, following his imprisonment in the basement of Building 1. If it is not manually removed by the player, the alert phase will be triggered whenever Snake enters areas patrolled by enemy soldiers. The Transmitter was also given a different sprite in the Nintendo Entertainment System version, resembling a miniature radio instead of a red circular button.

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a transmitter can be found in the body of Naked Snake when accessing the Cure Menu, after he is imprisoned in Groznyj Grad. It can be removed with the Fork; if it is left in place, the player will have to avoid a unit of Ocelot soldiers upon reaching Tikhogornyj. Pausing the game or accessing the map, cure, and food menus while the transmitter is still inside the body will result in a pinging sound being heard in the pause screen/menu. Also, an additional cutscene is triggered after Snake meets with EVA, in which she removes the transmitter herself in a somewhat humorous fashion.

The Captain in the non-canon game Metal Gear Survive, or rather, his comatose body, was outfitted with a transmitter by Goodluck just before undergoing a burial at sea by the surviving members of MSF, which was used to retrieve him and bring him to Wardenclyffe Section's headquarters.


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