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The trafficker was a logistics officer for Rogue Coyote who was involved in human trafficking during the 1980s as a side job. Some of his victims in his trafficking were sent to places such as brothels, black-market organ trades, and diamond mines.[1][2] He delivered Mbele villagers to XOF for their experiments with the vocal cord parasites, and was personally responsible for delivering Shabani, the former leader of the Mbele Squad, to the Devil's House. However, he eventually grew disturbed by the nature of the experiments, and eventually grew terrified of Skull Face and of the possibility of becoming a test subject.

Because of this, he decided to flee Angola and return to his home country, as well as hire an NGO to expose what XOF was doing, even offering his buyer's list to ensure that they would give him a new identity to hide. He even went as far as to hire contractors from a rival PF, the Contract Forces of Africa, to ensure he returned there, as he was unable to trust his own men due to XOF's connection to the group.[3][2]

Although he ultimately got them to protect him due to having a high payoff, they nonetheless were reluctant to do so, as they were disgusted with his side activities, referring to him as "slave-trading scum,"[4] with some even outright refusing to actually act as a bodyguard regardless of the pay due to his side activities, specifically from talk about his having delivered his "products" to the "Devil's House" (especially when they themselves had just become parents).[5]

In 1984, Diamond Dogs, via Venom Snake, was contracted by an Mbele rebel group to eliminate him before the left the country, as otherwise, he will be immune from facing a court-martial for his role in human trafficking due to being a civilian. Miller, however, implied when mentioning the mission that they may need to take him in alive instead of killing him in order to find out more about what was going on at the Devil's House due to a pathological outbreak that Diamond Dogs was currently suffering from.[6]

Behind the scenes

The Trafficker is a major target in the main mission "Hunting Down." The player can either kill him or otherwise extract him via Fulton Recovery. If the player decides to interrogate him, he will beg to be spared and fearfully explain that he doesn't want to become "one of them."[7] If the player interrogates one of his bodyguards, they'll also state that they didn't want to protect him while also referring to him as "slave-trading scum" with disgust.[4] Fulton recovering him instead of killing him will result in a debriefing where Ocelot tells Venom Snake that the trafficker revealed everything he knew about what went on and what he had been doing, including supplying a hint at the originating point of the pathogen.[3]

The trafficker was alluded to in some NPC chatter in free roam mode and/or when overhearing soldiers during any missions located near Ditadi Abandoned Village.[5]

Notes and references

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