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A Tigrex on Isla del Monstruo.

Tigrex is a creature possessing a rock-solid body and razor-sharp fangs and was considered to be the "king of beasts." Tigrex is a "Pseudowyvern", differentiated from Flying Wyverns like Rathalos by the way its wings can be used as forelegs for quadrupedal movement on land. Tigrex has a tawny coloration with blue stripes, and a head shaped similarly to a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


According to FSLN child soldier Chico, two female pirates named Anne and Mary had visited Isla del Monstruo and encountered Tigrex.

The Militaires Sans Frontières encountered a Tigrex on Isla del Monstruo after agreeing to Trenya's request to come to the island. Its attacks included hurling boulders, jumping around, tail swings, biting, and charging. Also, if damaged enough, it would become enraged, its veins becoming visible, as well as its eyes turning red, and attack at a much faster pace than before. Sometimes when charging, it also got its jaw stuck in the rock wall. Its roar could also stun any personnel in close proximity.

Behind the scenes

Tigrex is a creature from the Capcom series Monster Hunter, featured in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. In the briefing tape with Chico, regarding Tigrex, the subtitle text had him describe the monster as a wyvern, yet the audio has him call it a flying dragon. In the original Monster Hunter games, Tigrex is classified as a Flying Wyvern. If the player tries to scan Tigrex with the Analyzer, it will list the creature as "Unknown."


Tigrex features in the Metal Gear Solid—Monster Hunter tie-in promotion.

With a rock-solid body and razor-sharp fangs that can tear through anything, Tigrex is truly the king of beasts. Nothing can stand in its way when it charges. Rub it the wrong way, and you may as well start saying your prayers.
―Tigrex Fang model viewer description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

If the player defeats Tigrex and gets lucky, they will receive an intact Tigrex fang. Aside from including an image of the fang as well as a model viewer bio of Tigrex, it also unlocks design specs for the Human Slingshot post. Also, defeating Tigrex non-lethally as well as earning an S-rank will unlock the Tigrex Uniform, which allows the user to use Tigrex's charge attack and thus knock out enemies that are caught in the charge instantly.


Tigrex Fang - Thick, large Tigrex fang used to tear its prey into pieces.

Tigrex (Uniform) - This uniform allows the player to knock down enemies with a single roll however this uniform can be rendered obsolete when the player's character possesses the skill 'SWAT'.

"Variation of Jungle Fatigues camouflage. Grants the wearer Tigrex's powerful charging ability, allowing them to knock enemies out with a single roll."
―Tigrex Uniform description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Other appearances

Although Tigrex itself has not reappeared in the Metal Gear series, the logo for No Alert features a Wyvern that bears a striking resemblance to Tigrex.


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