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Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn was the vice president of SaintLogic, who threatened to launch a nuclear attack unless 12 high-ranking officials were released. He also demanded that the SaintLogic president, Rodzinski, hand over the Lucinda File to him.


Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn was Vice President of SaintLogic. Koppelthorn later plotted revenge against Snake, the man who he believed was responsible for the murder of his wife, Lucinda. After the death of his wife, Koppelthorn scanned her nerve junctions, extracting her character and memories. It was his intention to revive his own wife by inseminating her consciousness into another body, using nano-chip expansions - a system capable of transplanting one's abilities and experiences into another. In order to find a suitable host, Koppelthorn purchased dozens of young children from numerous criminal groups in Africa and South America. Eventually, Koppelthorn discovered the ideal body - that of a young girl named Lucy. With the experiment nearing completion, Koppelthorn then began to enact his revenge. Seizing control of the "Chaioth Ha Qadesh" Metal Gear, Koppelthorn demanded that those responsible for the Praulia Massacre (and subsequently, the death of his wife) should be handed over to him. If his demands were not met, Koppelthorn threatened to launch a nuclear attack using Chaioth Ha Kadosh. However, Lucy later betrayed him and revealed that she in fact possessed a different EGO during the surgery and that she in fact had been manipulating him from the start. Upon learning the truth behind Lucinda's death, Koppelthorn also expressed shock and remorse, although he was unable to reconsider or make amends for his actions before Lucy killed him via ejecting his cockpit and then arranging for a missile to hit him.

Behind the scenes

Although Dr. Koppelthorn's first actual appearance was in Metal Gear Acid 2, previous games have made references to him.

Mei Ling: Snake, Dr. Koppelthorn says -
Snake: Quotes are all well and good, but why don't you talk a bit about yourself?"


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