The Viscount was the assumed identity of a British high-level[1] member and co-founder[2] of the Contract Forces of Africa who was detained by his Afrikaner compatriots in the same group, due to an attempt at embezzlement on oilfields. He was originally a member of the British Army's Scots Guards and the British SAS.[3]


Viscount prisoner

Before being recruited into Diamond Dogs.

Prior to co-founding the CFA, he had gotten his start in the British Army's Scots Guards, and eventually moved on to the SAS before becoming a mercenary. Despite his moniker, however, he was not a member of the aristocratic class, with it being unclear how he got the moniker.[3] Eventually, he helped found the CFA alongside three other British personnel, due to the private force's connection to South Africa, and by extension, to the British.[2]

The Viscount desired the oilfields the MPLA had, and intended to manipulate the Contract Forces of Africa into siding with the MPLA over the rebel group of UNITA so he could secure the rights to the oilfield for himself. He initially tried to hide this plan from his Afrikaner allies,[4] even making sure his British comrades were kept quiet for the time being.[5] However, the Afrikaner members of the CFA uncovered this plot, so the Viscount attempted to make it seem as though his fellow British allies were the ones who plotted the entire thing in an attempt to exploit the feud the Afrikaners and British had with each other stemming from the latter's actions to the former during the Second Boer War[6] and use the confusion to take off.[4] However, this plan resulted in his capture and detainment at Kiziba Camp as well,[1] with them undergoing various brutal interrogations due to the extreme circumstances.[7][6][5][8] Knowing full well that his British comrades will expose him if they were rescued alongside him, he requested that he be the only prisoner rescued.[4][9]

As he couldn't give the request himself due to his predicament, he had a representative relay the message for his rescue instead, with Diamond Dogs getting the request.[10] They then proceeded to rescue him, although they gradually grew suspicious of the mission request.[9][11][10] He also suspected his captors were going to kill him anyways, although the Afrikaners implied they may spare him under the condition he reveals who sold them out. However, after the Viscount attempted to deny any knowledge of who sold them out, only to not be believed by the interrogator. The Viscount also inferred that Apartheid's going to collapse soon, and attempted to make a deal. However, the Afrikaner interrogator would hear none of it.[8]

Venom Snake interfered and rescued him. After he was rescued, the Viscount relayed information about the Walker Gears being sold to the CFA as well as various other PFs in the region, causing the deputy commander of the Diamond Dogs, Kazuhira Miller, to suspect Cipher, or more specifically, XOF's involvement in the sale due to the Walker Gears being Soviet technology that was only in the prototype stage. He planned to claim that the CFA as a whole wanted to swap allegiances from UNITA to the MPLA in exchange for oilfield rights.[12] However, because Venom Snake decided to rescue the other POWs in addition to him, Diamond Dogs also learned the full story of what happened from one of them, and decided to lock the Viscount in the brig of Mother Base, also intending to become "extra persuasive" with him as a result of his actions to his compatriots.[4]

Behind the scenes

The Viscount is a key character in the main mission Lingua Franca in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Depending on whether the player decides to rescue the other prisoners besides the Viscount, the debriefing's beginning will be different. If the player heeds that they rescue only the Viscount, the Viscount will request to join Diamond Dogs, with it largely being granted due to his giving them their contract, although Miller will admit he found him to be slightly suspicious, with the Viscount also claiming the CFA as a whole intended to switch sides from UNITA to the MPLA.[12] If the player disobeys the mission request[9] and rescues the other POWs in addition to the Viscount, the post-mission debriefing will have Miller, prior to informing Snake about the Walker Gear sales, also revealing the Viscount's duplicitous nature and imply that for that, he'll undergo more severe interrogation at their hands.[4] The Viscount is eventually released from the brig and joins Diamond Dogs.

Aside from the obvious main objective of rescuing him, he is also the subject of two other mission tasks, one involving identifying him, and the other involving listening to all four interrogations. For obvious reasons, he's the last interrogation of the four.

If the player moves the Viscount away without fultoning him, he'll sometimes threaten his captor that the latter will burn.[13]


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