The Making of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was a bonus DVD issued by Konami that explained the development process of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. It was only released in PAL regions.

Plot summary

As Solid Snake is about to undergo another sneaking mission, he gets a call on his Codec. Expecting Otacon, he proceeds to answer and explains that he's about to start the mission. However, the caller is actually revealed to be Hideo Kojima, who requests Snake's help as he fears his project had been leaked. He then proceeds to explain the development process alongside a narrator, also using some game footage.


The content for the DVD includes:

  • A special documentary/commentary for the making of the game by Hideo Kojima.
  • Production notes for developing Metal Gear Solid 2 by Geoff Keighley.
  • 8 trailers (two being the E3 and EGS trailers for Metal Gear Solid, and the remaining six being the trailers for Metal Gear Solid 2, including E3 and EGS trailers).
  • Various trailers/TV spots for Konami games other than those in Metal Gear.
  • The Metal Gear Solid instruction manual (comes in English, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch).
  • Yoji Shinkawa artwork gallery.
  • Biographies of Metal Gear Solid 2's development team.
  • Credits.


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