A subordinate to the Major of Rogue Coyote was an undercover member with the Contract Forces of Africa.[1]


At some point, the subordinate intended to meet with the Major so he could investigate a group known as the Zero Risk Security, due to his commander having suspicions about the nuclear arms trade's connection to yellowcake being distributed. Along the way, however, the subordinate switched 4x4 vehicles at the northeastern guard post of Munoko ya Nioka Station, with Ocelot suspecting that the switch was due to the subordinate possibly spotting Snake. When meeting with the Major, the subordinate also revealed that members of the CFA were infected with a disease and that the CFA suspected the Major of causing the outbreak, although he denied this before giving the subordinate the task of investigating ZRS. Venom Snake, the leader of Diamond Dogs, proceeded to tail him to find the Major, as he was contracted to assassinate him.

Behind the scenes

The Major's subordinate is a key character in Mission 17 "On the Trail" in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The player needs to keep him alive long enough for him to be stalked to the Major's location to find him, afterwards, the player can choose to either kill him, extract him or ignore him. If they chose to extract the subordinate, he will be recruited into Diamond Dogs after being released from the brig. In addition, if the player extracted the subordinate from the area after he arrives in the general vicinity of the Major's location, but before extracting the Major himself, Miller will call in and state he'll have the subordinate interrogated for the Major's whereabouts.


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    Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller: The mission objective is to eliminate the PF commander they call the "Major." One of the Major's subordinates working undercover with the CFA is due to make contact with him. Check his current location on your iDroid. Follow him, and he should lead you right to the Major.
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