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The Major was the commander of Rogue Coyote.[1] In 1984, he was stationed along the Angola-Zaire border region. He wore aviator sunglasses and got his nom de guerre from his rank during his time in the Army.


The Major, sometime after leaving the Army, formed Rogue Coyote, acting as its commander. Although acting as the commander of the PF, his role was closer to acting as a recruiter and a job broker than someone who directly engages in combat. He also had an espionage operation running on the side regarding potential missions, which evidently left him with a long list of enemies, including various PFs.[1]

The Major was paid to spread a rumor claiming he had the sale of nuclear arms materials by an unknown client. As all of his instructions came from a cut-out, even he didn't know the identity of his employer. At some point, a subordinate of his, who was undercover with the CFA, intended to meet with him so he could investigate one of their rivals, Zero Risk Security, due to having suspicions about the nuclear arms trade's connection to yellowcake being distributed. In addition, largely because of the events at Bwala ya Masa, he was also suspected of being behind the outbreak that CFA was currently suffering from due to passing up on a job in that region, with the suspicions being severe enough that they were even planning on organizing a "payback squad" against the Major in response.[2]

Venom Snake, the leader of Diamond Dogs, proceeded to tail him to find the Major, as he was contracted by one of his rivals to assassinate him, although the XO for Diamond Dogs, Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller, revealed that he also had Diamond Dogs take the job so they could "put the squeeze" on the Major in order to gain intel on Cipher relating a Rogue Coyote-owned shipment that the Diamond Dogs had earlier intercepted largely because of his supposed "job" as a nuclear arms dealer.[1]

While meeting with his subordinate, upon learning that the CFA suspected him of causing the outbreak, the Major made clear he was not responsible and was actually annoyed that they would hold him responsible as, while he was definitely one to get his hands dirty, he would not stoop that low and admitted that he personally considered himself an angel compared to them, with the subordinate concurring, before ordering him to investigate ZRS relating to their activities.[2]

The Diamond Dogs later learned that he was paid to spread the rumor, with Miller suspecting that Cipher was the Major's client and that there was a connection between Zero Risk Security, Inc. and the yellowcake the Diamond Dogs uncovered in an earlier mission to steal a truck. Miller also learned that the ZRS was also tasked with killing an old man, causing Miller to wonder how the old man got that important.[3]

Behind the scenes

The Major is a key character in the mission "On the Trail" in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The player can either kill him or otherwise extract him. If the player chose to do the latter, the debriefing will have Miller relay that the Major revealed all he knew from interrogation, as well as learning that the ZRS was planning to kill an old man. The same debriefing scene will show up if the player listens to the Major's meeting with his subordinate before killing the Major. Miller's call upon extracting the Major will vary depending on whether the player had listened in on his conversation with his subordinate or not. If they had listened in, Miller will express some disappointment regarding how the Major didn't appear to be a treasure trove of information before nonetheless considering the mission complete and tell Snake to return to Base after exfiltrating the hot zone.[4] If the player doesn't wait for the subordinate to arrive, much less converse with the Major, Miller will mention trying to interrogate him as soon as he arrives.

If Venom Snake interrogates the Major, the latter will ask him if he was the one who raided their supply convoy, as well as admit that he was paid to spread the rumor and cannot contact the client nor does he know the identity of the client due to it coming from a cut-out.[5]


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    Rogue Coyote comprises former members of the British, South African and Rhodesian armies. Since the Major only speaks Afrikaans, it can be inferred that he is a former member of one of the African groups.


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