Big Boss Ranking / The Boss Extreme Walkthrough

This is from the Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough page


Before you attempt the Big Boss emblem, do a playthrough on Liquid Easy and make sure you get 50 bullets (50 bullets is the maximum amount of ammunition available for anesthetics or emotion bullets on The Boss Extreme difficulty) of each of these by the end of the game:

  • Anesthetics. 22.
  • Laugh 22.
  • Cry 22.
  • Scream 22.
  • Rage 22.
  • Anesthetics 7.62mm

The emotion bullets have the same effect as a normal anesthetic round (a Headshot will be an Instant knock out).

  • Game Note: In order to unlock emotion bullets you must have beaten the game once already.

This walkthrough is designed to be used on The Boss Extreme difficulty and is for achieving the Big Boss Emblem.

You will need specific weapons and items to pass certain parts of the game easily: Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, the Militia Disguise, M82A2 sniper rifle, RPG - 7 and the FIM-92A.

  • Very important Notes:
  1. Its important to skip all cutscenes immediately and don't leave the game on pause, the in-game timer only stops during loading screens, the results page at the end of each level, and the MGS1 mini game in Act 4 on Shadow Moses.
  2. On The Boss Extreme you need to shoot enemies heads to knock them out immediately, otherwise there is a long pause.
  3. You cannot buy any form of non-lethal ammo from Drebin in The Boss Extreme, so its important to stock up on ammo beforehand in previous playthroughs. This includes: Chaff grenades, stun grenades, aneshetic ammo as well as emotion bullets.
  4. Always save the game when you enter a new game area during your big boss run, make it new save file. This will make it easier to go back and try again in case you die, trigger an alert phase or accidently fail the big boss requirements at the end of the game.
  5. Whenever you are low on health the fastest way to gain health is to go to a new game area and save the game. Exit the Metal Gear Solid 4 game and set the PlayStation 3 date in your network settings forward by a few weeks. Then load the game again, snake will be at full health. It is also possible to use the syringe item to get your psyche completely full, lie down in a safe place and equip the iPod item, play the iTunes song "Sailor" which will drastically increase snakes health. (The Sailor iPod song can be found in Vista Mansion in Act 2 between the east wall of the compound and a shipping container in a previous playthrough).
  6. Get any (Otacons, BB corps, drebin, etc..) face camo that is NOT snake, before starting the Big Boss run. You will need it in Act 3 when tailing the resistance member.
  7. Make sure you finish each act around these time marks. If you are taking too long with an act, load up a previous save file and try to finish the area faster.
  8. To keep your stress as low as possible try to keep to shadows and shadowed areas.


  • Act 1 - 45 min
  • Act 2 - 50 mins
  • Act 3 - 45 mins
  • Act 4 - 1 hour
  • Act 5 - 50 min


For the Big Boss Emblem you will need to achieve each of the following

  • Complete the game in less than 5 hours
  • Use no continues
  • Use no health items e.g. rations, regain, etc.
  • Kill no enemies (You can kill bosses including Vamp but not the beauties)
  • No alert phases (cautions are allowed)
  • No special items (stealth, bandana)
  • Complete the game on The Boss Extreme


Upon fulfilling these criteria, you will have automatically unlocked all of these emblem ranks:

Emblem Requirement:
Big Boss Complete game on The Boss extreme difficulty with 0 deaths, 0 kills, 0 health items used, 0 special items and 0 alerts in under 5 hours
FOXHOUND Complete game on Big Boss Hard or The Boss extreme with 0 deaths, 0 kills, 0 health items used, 0 special items used and 3 alerts or less in under 5 hours 30 minutes.
FOX Complete game on solid normal or higher difficulties with 0 deaths, 0 kills, 0 health items used, 0 special items used and 5 alerts or less in under 6 hours
HOUND Complete game on naked normal or higher difficulties with same requirements as FOX but within 6 hours 30 minutes.
Mantis Beat the game with 0 alerts, 0 continues, 0 recovery items used, and in under 5 hours.
Wolf Beat the game with 0 continues and 0 recovery items used.
Raven Beat the game in under 5 hours.
Octopus Beat the game with 0 alerts.
Scorpion Get less than 75 alerts, less than 250 kills, and less than 25 continues.
Pigeon Beat the game with 0 kills.

You may have earned these too without even trying:

Emblem Requirement
Eagle Get 150 headshots
Inchworm Spend 1 hour crawling on the floor
Lobster Spend 2 and a half hours crouching
Gecko Spend 1 hour pressed against a wall

You will have earned yourself the Desert Eagle w. Long Barrel weapon as well as the Patriot weapon for your next playthrough. Also you will unlock Big Boss Face Camo for your next playthrough. You will unlock Stealth Camo item for your next playthrough because you will have completed the game with zero alerts. The Bandana item will also be unlocked for your next playthrough because you have killed nobody.

Act 1 - Liquid Sun – Middle East

Ground Zero

Immediately head straight to the truck on the left and crawl under. Skip the cutscene (Skip all cutscenes and codec conversations you come across). As soon as gameplay starts again take the left route. When the GEKKOs arrive, stick to the left side of the street, once you pass the first GEKKO stick to the right until you leave the area. Even if you get caught by the gekkos it won't count as an alert phase as there is no countdown.

Red Zone NW Sector

Skip the codec conversation by pressing the start button on your controller. As soon as gameplay starts save the game (always save when you arrive in a new area), run around the corner onto the street and take an immediate right into a room. Equip your AK weapon and fire off a shot into the wall. This will make the guards outside come to investigate and start a caution phase (this also prevents the long tank cutscene). Continue running through the room to the exit at the other end. Stick to the right of the street, run past the tank until you reach a destroyed vehicle. Go through the window and start crawling your way through the room, there will be two guards in this room, one you can creep up on and stun with the knife and the other with your cqc slam. Once they are unconscious run through the doorway and head slightly right pass a giant metal crate into the next area. (you may have to wait for guards to pass, as there are guards patrolling outside)

Red Zone

Red Zone part 1

Don't go up the steps to your left, instead run straight to the right and stand behind the two stacked boxes, if you look to the right there is a PMC. Wait until he turns away and then wait another second. Run ahead and as soon as the archways start on your right, go inside them, very slowly crouch towards the ladder, you may need to lie down, it just depends on the timing. When you climb the ladder, lie down and move forwards for 4 seconds, then it is safe to stand and run, at the end drop off and start crouching. slowly go around the corner and stun knife the PMC that’s in your way, wait until the other sets off and you then need to time your run right, you need to avoid being heard by the PMC who just set left and avoid being seen by the PMC's ahead and behind you. Crouch walk to the open side of the bombed building up ahead to trigger the otacon MK 2 robot cutscene.

Red Zone part 2

As soon as gameplay starts tranquilize the three PMC’s standing outside, start with the one at the back and finish by tranquilizing the one in the front to make sure they don't see you. Stick to the right hand side of the street and enter the ruined building, crawl completely on the ground with a high octocamo until you are about to go outside. Equip your Middle Eastern costume and continue crawling out through the barriers and the rebels shooting at the tank. Stick to the right hand wall and enter the opening. Enter the Militia Safe House

Militia Safe House

Run through as fast as you can, none of the rebels will go into alert phase because you have the Middle Eastern costume on. Near the start there are three dead ends, one of which has tranq. ammo, make sure you get it, never miss out on an opportunity.

Urban Ruins

Get through as quickly as you can. There are no people present in this part.


Stick to the right hand side and run forward until you reach the first right turn, take it, and follow the alleyway, at the end there should be some militia. When you get to the point where Otacon mentions there being snipers, take a left and keep looking right until you see a very narrow space between two walls, wall press and get to the other side turn right twice then left. You will know if you are quick because if you are you will see a tank passing, it’s OK if you don’t though . You should see a large street ahead of you but go behind the bunch of 4 boxes and turn left immediately, where you will see another 2 next to a doorway. Go through the doorway, past the stairs, turn left and then out of the window. Turn right and then look left where you will see a vehicle, get behind it then once the first guard is at the left side of the van you crouch to the right slowly advance towards the front while being careful not to alert the second guard who will soon follow the first. Now there should be three bits of wall that stick out the third will have a vase near it. Take cover behind the second one to avoid being seen by the soon to arrive guards. They will move to your left and stop for a while, once they have gone move forward to what is now you right, and turn the corner. Stick to the right whilst crouching using the first vehicle as cover, keep moving until you come across a crawlspace. go through and when you come out you should be with some Militia. Move forwards crouching and turn the corner where the boxes are, make sure you stick to the boxes to avoid being seen. Enter through the door.

Advent Palace

Just make sure you get rid of all traps before you get to the bar. If you know you aren't in a rush for time collect them by lying on them or by using the Metal Gear Mk.2

Advent Palace, Escape

Before anything, DON'T SHOOT ANY FROGS CLINGING TO A WALL OR CEILING Equip octocamo and facecamo as well as Mk.2 with night vision on the solid eye,. If you have the solar gun it will be useful because we don't want to use too much tranq. ammo. In case you don't have it I won't use it. Lie down in front of the Rat Patrol but not outside. You should only use 3 tranq. bullets on this first part, two for the ones on the roof and one so you don't get shot at forever because the stupid team your with can't aim and kill the FROGS. Also Because your solid eye tells you how much health an enemy has, you can shoot them either the operator in the leg or arm to damage them slightly and help out while not killing them. Once the FROGS are dealt with don't follow the team but look left to find a crawlspace. Enter it and ignore all of Otacon's comments, after all what does a super intelligent clever computer programmer scientist know? When you reach the noodles take a right and have a stun grenade at hand with a smoke grenade in your inventory continue until you reach a hole in the floor throw a stun grenade down first followed by a smoke grenade, RAT Patrol should kill most of them but you may have to tranq one or two. Once you are sure there aren't any FROGS below you, drop down and find the kitchen, tranq. any frogs in there and the look to the right of where you entered, go through this door and make an immediate right, lie down (you should be next to an elevator) and release the Metal Gear Mk.2 (this is also an opportunity for you to recover your health). Look at your map on the pause menu, take the MG Mk.2 around where there are 2 blocked paths and clear all of the FROGS. You will want to go back to the kitchen now unless you want to be attacked by 5 FROGS, to take care of these with great ease and save a bit of time, plant a S.G. (Sleep Gas) Mine in front of the elevator before you leave. The area you were just in should now be clear. Go and then tranq. the 3 FROGS who will come into the kitchen. Follow the group down the stairs turn right and continue to the bathroom, take a break here and recover any lost health (make sure you are in the one with a hole in the wall. When the other bathroom wall explodes and Akiba/Johnny is knocked out throw a stun and smoke grenade through the hole. Wake Akiba when you are safe. Just watch out here, your team can't die here (unless you help to kill them), even if you don't help so just focus on keeping yourself alive! When you get down the hole and into the next fight it's just best to stay out of it and let the team do the work if you don't feel confident. Get the stun grenades straight after you drop down as well. In one of the rooms you will find a nice helping of tranq. ammo. When finished, jump down the shaft and SAVE!!!!!!

Advent Palace, Garage

Collect the FROG doll if you didn't get it in the first playthrough, it's one of the 5 items needed for the all powerful Solar Gun.

Crescent Meridian

Run to the opening on the right (after the tank scene) crawl all the way to the crawlspace and then through turn left at the end the right and stick to the wall, keep going, once you get to the end of where there is a change of terrain height stand and run while staying to the right. On your left there will be some PMC's behind sandbags, just before you are in line with them, crouch, not so far behind them is a ladder which is where you are headed, keep going until you are in line with the ladder then approach and climb, follow the route until you reach a cutscene.

Millenium Park

You may want to save at the start of this area, you will need to get some difficult headshots. Ignore all the weapons and continue until you can see both the PMC's, tranq. them. If you look to the left of the burning car you will see some boxes, while crouching, run towards them, the lone PMC should see you and then pause, while he is headed in your direction(or when he stops), tranq. him. Slowly look around the corner and tranq. the PMC against the wall, NV helps. Next target the PMC on the turret, again try and use NV. Take out the 3 PMC's around the fountain any way you like, the way you do this will depend on how quickly you take out the first lot. Once they are dealt with, use the Mosin Nagant to take out the PMC in the tower. Hide, behind the boxes at the right of the entrance to the new area, tranq. the PMC to the right of the boxes, move straight right and at the end of the tent look left and tranq. the PMC. Slowly make your way to the door. Note - following this your time should be around 45 minutes (I was at 32 minutes)

Act 2 - Solid Sun - South America

Cove Valley Village

Crawl along the edge of the cliff where you start but not too far that you are seen. Take everyone out (not the rebels) and as soon as you have, drop down, get ready to stun knife the PMC who is about to come out of the door ahead on the left. Head into the building directly to your right after you jump down. In here you will find the South American militia disguise. Look at the right side of your map on the pause menu and take the top route (under the steps of the most North East building are some smoke grenades). Turn NV on and you will see a guard walking away creep up on him, tranq. him or get to the same height and use the Mk.2. For the next area you will have to find your own strategy because one slight action makes a big difference to where things are. In the next area, look out on the right for a crawlspace, it will have 20 tranq. bullets. Go to the other end and keep moving right, make sure you stay on the floor until you get to where there is a PMC up above on your right. Crouch and tranq., you can run from now on.

Power Station

Power Station part 1

Go straight to the right and climb up, climb the boxes then roll over the gap. Ahead there should be a PMC, tranq. him, now look to your left, tranq. him as well. Get to where the first PMC was and move north. using the solid eye, find out where nearby PMC's are and tranq. them, make sure you always stay low, keep that camo index high! When you reach the mortar emplacement, go to the right of it and roll/crawl down the hill. Use cover to make your way round the back of the power station.

Note: If the Rebels manage to disable the Power Station, there won't be PMC's in the next area. All you need to do is to sneak trough the outside walls gap (on the left of the gate), behind the truck, on the left, after coming down the hill, and get inside the building. There, you can wait for a rebel to throw a grenade to the control panel or you can destroy it yourself.

Power Station part 2

After the Drebin cutscene you can choose between two routes, the right one is the easiest but the left has tranq. ammo, if you go right, make sure you have NV turned on so you can see the PMC's hidden above, if you go left, make sure you are always watching the solid eye, there are enemies all over. If you look at your map, you will notice there are 2 ways in the end from the power station. Personally, I think it's best to go left.

Confinement Facility

Take a look at your map at the top there are 2 ways, you want to get to the left one. There were two ways into this area, whichever way you got into this area, use the water and tranq. the guards to make your way to the left path. When you get there, tranq. any nearby PMC's. Turn left and crawl while sticking to the cliff wall, keep going until you get to a path that goes up. (btw at this point my stress was %80.00 but you just have to put up with it. Don't take chances and make sure you get the headshot) At the end of this 'path' there will be ground at varying heights make sure you kill anyone within range before you drop down. Proceed forward and try to take out the PMC in the tower, stick to the right of the area, roll over the barrier, turn right and exit the area.

Vista Mansion

You should, now be on a path, higher than the PMC's who should be on your right, below you.Slowly make your way across the path, knocking out anyone who notices you before you get an alert. When you get the cutscene with the bulldozer, just wait for it to knock down the doors. Enter the mansion grounds, and run along the inside of the wall on your right, all the way to a set of stairs on the far side from the entrance to the grounds. Run up the stairs, and into the closest door. Continue to the stairwell, lie down so that the two PMC's coming down the stairs won’t see you. Once they are both gone, go up the stairs and continue until you are outside, there is tranq. ammo for the Mosin Nagant if you want. Drop down the hole and have NV turned on, make sure you don't miss the Mk.2 tranq. ammo. When you are ready, climb the ladder and be ready for Laughing Octopus.

Research Lab

FROG Ambush

Find the machine with lots of wires coming from it and lie down behind it. Get out Metal Gear Mk.2 and stun all the FROG's. All I can say is just be patient and don't be seen. The FROG's come in 4 waves. The fist wave has 4, the second wave has 2, the third wave has 2 and the fourth wave also has 2. If they are grouped and want to separate them, bump into one and they will pause for a while whilst the others move on, then go behind them and stun them.

Alternatively, Hide under any bed and wait for the FROGs to pass by, taking them out with tranqs. Attract them using by shooting buckets or using unsilenced weapons.

Another strategy that works well is to hide under any desk or bed and tranquilize them. Even if you shoot their legs they'll go down eventually and their partners will not wake them. The plus with this strategy is you save battery life for the main boss fight. If you have any clips you can toss them into an opposite corner of the room to lure them over. Just be sure the target isn't hitting the underside of whatever you're hiding behind or they'll likely spot you.

One more strategy is to just head all the way (from were you start) to the corner. (this is were LB will be for one of her hiding spot... and also were the picture is) the FROGs will just pass you and you can just Trang is so much easier. just make sure you are on the wall when they pass you otherwise they will see you.

advice; go for headshots.

Laughing Octopus

You are now free to use lethal weapons!!!! Make sure the M82A2 is in your inventory as well as the FAL Carbine, ad the SAIGA12 (rapid fire shotgun). When she is blended in or on the floor recovering, use an assault rifle or machine gun, when she is walking about, use the M82A2, at close range don't use it's scope and get headshots, 6 of them will kill her. When she blinds you with the ink run away shoot at where you think she is with A.R. or M.G. Use NV to find her when she's camouflaged. Shoot her as soon as she stops firing. Use the boxes (they also have tranq. ammo on)in the southeast room to roll over the top and get away when she attacks you as a ball (this can kill you in 2 hits!!!), she cannot get you in this room on the boxes so it is useful for health recovery, once she actually enters the room you might want to leave. When her health is half way down, it's best to stick to the M82A2 and just shoot like mad, buy ammo from Drebin if you need. The fight isn't really that difficult. Also watch out for the little bombs she sends at you, they can go through walls too.

Laughing Beauty

You can use the stun knife to conserve your non-lethal ammo, if you can be patient enough you could also use the Mosin Nagant since we won't be using this often.The fastest way to do this is to use a stun round from the grenade launcher but this can backfire if you miss. Remember, DO NOT kill the beauties!! If you kill LO non-lethally you will find the second of 5 dolls required for the Solar Gun on one of the beds but only during the fight against LB (this can be done on any difficulty and you don't need to collect them in one playthrough).

NOTE: After Laughing OCTOPUS is defeated, all of the ammo returns to the map. This means you can re- refill your tranq and V-ring ammo during Laughing BEAUTY so take advantage of this before finishing her off. ** I haven't confirmed if this is only if you use non-lethal ammo to kill Laughing Octopus **

Easiest way (for times sake) is just to shoot her with 2-3 v ring shots...very fast...this works for all beauties

Mountain Trail

When you get to where the paths split, take the left path, continue until you reach the concrete bridge, at the end of it, move towards the rock, don't be heard by the PMC at the other side, he will be facing away so use your stun knife on him. Take the right path this time at the end stop and turn on NV. You will see a sniper PMC, tranq. him and take the path to the right of him, walk slowly because there is a guard at the end of this path, tranq. him and take the left path through the crop circle for a flashback.

Mountain Trail Riverside

It says that the Solid Eye is giving you away when you enter this area when in fact it's just NV so you can keep your Solid Eye on if you want to help keep track of where the FROG's are. Take the left route and always stay on the floor, there should be a FROG straight on the left then once you reach a curve in the path there will be three more. If you move carefully enough then you will only need to tranq. two of them. Proceed straight ahead into the rocky area. On your right there will be a PMC, tranq. him. (I don't know if it is possible for him to set off his own claymore when he falls, it' s never happened to me) For this next part there are many ways and I will leave you to it, it's easy enough to not be seen.

Before exiting this area you should buy at least one of every type of non-lethal ammo. The reason being that during the next section you'll have unlimited ammo but Drebin's shop will be disabled. I recommend stun and smoke grenades, their emotion variants and V-Ring shotgun shells, preferably for the SAIGA 12 since it holds more rounds than the M870.

Tank Section

Vista Mansion

Don't destroy the powersuits as this will count as a kill, ignore Otacon's advice to use the machine gun during this segment. Equip the Metal camo (free download) to reduce damage by half and lie down to recover any lost health as well as avoid being shot by the powersuits. When the PMC's start to climb aboard use CQC or the SAIGA 12 with V-Ring rounds. You have unlimited ammo for this segment so go nuts with stun and smoke grenades. Shooting the powersuits with V-Ring rounds seems to speed things up too.

Confinement Facility

Kill the GEKKO's A.S.A.P. However do not forget about the PMC's, it is vital that you stop them, use CQC like before.

Power Station

Don't destroy the tank, just focus on shooting the doors with the machine gun and using CQC on the PMC's.

High Woodlands Highway

Just shoot the GEKKO's so they can't shoot you.


Get out your rail gun. Go straight left to where the little archways are, all the way to the end. Stick to this wall, go past the GEKKO on its left until you hit a dead end. Roll over the railing and run to the left of the other railing across the street and down the alley. Don't stop, at the junction there is a GEKKO on the left so stick to the right side but continue forward. Once you pass it, at the corner, start charging your Rail Gun, follow the path and the same GEKKO will be at another junction on the left, shoot it. Now start to charge it again straight away and start moving forward, at the end of the alleyway a GEKKO will appear, shoot it and then immediately charge it up again. Leave the alley and turn right, there will be a GEKKO at the end of the street, swerve left and right while the gun is charging to try and evade attacks. As soon as it is charged, shoot and run for the helicopter. Note - Now your play time should be around 1 hour 35 minutes, or maybe just a bit more.

Act 3 - Third Sun - Eastern Europe

Midtown S Sector

As long as you are not equipping any weapons and have a facecamo other than snakes on, the pmc soldiers and the resistance member will not attack you. Tail the resistance member, making sure he does not see you (he will waste time hiding and looking at you if he spots you)

Midtown Central Sector

Tail the resistance. Follow him down the alley, however be careful, at first he will stop and turn around.

Midtown NW Sector

Look round the corner, when the RM has crossed the water and started to set off, you follow him, stay crouched in the water. Once the spotlight has passed you, climb out on the right and blend in to the ground. When the RM has crossed back over, climb the ladder on your side. Try and get out so the ladder is right next to you. Once you are up the ladder, turn left and move forward to the far path at the side of the road. Blend in then move to the left until the RM sets off, turn around and get forward as far and as fast as you can without being seen. Keep going in the same direction as the RM. Soon you will see two PMC's, The RM will try to sneak behind them and he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that meddling can. (sorry about that one) You need to tranq. them before the RM gets there, you will need a good aim for this one mistake could mess it up. Once they are out of the way move forward up the steps and quickly get to the end and round the corner. Tranq. these two quickly, otherwise the RM will be caught. Also aim with the iron sights (triangle) so you don't hit the railings. If he is caught it isn't that bad, just wait and he will come back round in front of the last two you shot.

Midtown NE Sector

There are so many guards and that pesky helicopter that you aren't allowed to kill. Don't panic just follow the RM, preferably while crawling, if you do this you won't need to fire a bullet.

Midtown N Sector

Get straight on the floor and blend in. Follow the RM. If you lose track of who is who, the SOLID EYE gives you the information about everyone, the RM is the one whose name is in blue and says 'Resistance'. Also, he doesn't have a gun in hand like the actual PMC's. Anyone you knock out will be woken if a vehicle passes so don't expect them to stay down long. When you reach the right of the van, stay there until the vehicle patrol passes, Then look left around the front of the van and tranq. that PMC, go in the middle of the road on the floor and shoot the one on the left. Now turn the corner, ignoring the other two. crawl as fast as you can because the vehicle patrol is on its way back. If you take the next left you will have caught up with the RM. Depending on what just happened, he will be either on his own or in a group, if he's in a group tranq. them all (except him). Stay close to him from now on its just the case of crawl - blend - follow. Make sure when crossing a road that you don't take any chances because if you are in the middle of the road and a vehicle patrol comes, well good luck.

EDIT: Camo tip deleted because sneaking suit automatically resets itself before the bike chase.

The Bike Chase

You will be very lucky sometimes and other times you won't be for example, one FROG could hit you twice, but next time they could completely miss you. Even on an unlucky run however, it is still possible. Use stun grenades, smoke grenades, the Mk.2. and swap the VZ. 83 for the Bizon (for use on the unmanned wings) as it has a longer clip.  Don't worry, you get infinite ammo. *AA = Auto Aim

Church Courtyard

This first part is chaotic, just throw smoke grenade into groups of FROGs and try to knock them out with a well aimed stun grenade. You can take cover behind Big Mama to try and evade gunshot (she can't die). You can try and use AA on the FROGS but here I think it's best to stick to the grenades.

Riverside West

If you have entered this area on low health you can save, set the PS3 clock forward 5 days and your health will be full. I don't do this though because I don't feel right about cheating, I don't feel proud about it. Again any groups just throw a smoke grenade at or a stun grenade in front of them, when you are coming up to the first road block throw a smoke grenade on front of where you will stop (may require practice) then throw a stun grenade at the enemies. When Big Mama turns around, equip the Mk.2 and when it goes slo-mo, shoot the FROG on the turret, quickly switch to stun grenade and throw it in the middle of everyone, tranq. as many as you can, use AA if you want. Then just hold triangle.

Riverside East

Your health is refilled. If you want to you can kill the flying things for points or just ignore them, they never hit you. Equip a stun grenade and aim for the FROG on the turret to the right and hold triangle. If you do this right, you will remain unharmed. If your having trouble with the first turret you can always use the twin barrel shotgun with air rounds equipped to knock him out. Now have AA ready with the Mk.2, a FROG on a ture will be following you, it is all about luck whether you hit him or not. You should come up to a roadblock now, throw as many smkoe grenades as you can so you aren't hit. Equip the stun grenades, and make sure you know when the slo-mo scene is and throw a stun grenade under the trucks as soon as it starts. This should blind the FROGs who are now about to drop down, quickly equip the Mk.2 with AA and shoot like mad, they should all go down in one hit, don't forget to use Big Mama as cover. When she is about to go down the steps, equip a stun grenade and throw one down, then throw another to the bottom of the next steps, when you reach the bottom throw one more down at the ground. Now either switch back to the Mk.2 with AA and shoot non-stop. Once you are under the bridge you are safe. Be warned, whatever health you leave with is carried into the Boss Fight.

for any of those flying things just use the cheat code to unlock the patriot...infinte ammo and no reload...

Echo's Beacon

Raging Raven

This in my opinion is the easiest boss fight in the game. Equip the Rail Gun and hide in the middle while crouched, using the stairs as cover. Charge the gun and wait for her to come in, take a shot a watch her health dwindle. When you hear the bomb sound,change floors. Get the tranq. ammo in the corner of the room. If you can't find which one is Raging Raven then look at the solid eye, she is the biggest circle. Just shoot her 2 (maybe even just one) more times with the Rail Gun and she's down. If you like you can also try the M82A2 if you can get a headshot.

Raging Beauty

Once again you can use the stun knife to conserve your non-lethal ammo, and also use the Mosin Nagant. Remember, DO NOT kill the beauties!! If you kill RR non-lethally you will find the third of 5 dolls required for the Solar Gun in one of the corners on the top floor but only during the fight against RB (this can be done on any difficulty and you don't need to collect them in one playthrough). Note = You should be at around 2 hours 20 minutes (I'm at 1 hour 45 minutes)

NOTE: After Raging RAVEN is defeated, all of the ammo returns to the map. This means you can re- refill your tranq and V-ring ammo during Raging BEAUTY so take advantage of this before finishing her off. ** I haven't confirmed if this is only if you use non-lethal ammo to kill Raging Raven **

Act 4 - Twin Suns - Shadow Moses Island

MGS1 Flashback

This is very easy. Run along the right hand side of the heli-pad, when you reach the end, move round the left of the boxes ahead, run under the camera on the right and go into the crawlspace.


Shoot the GEKKO with a fully charged Rail Gun shot, for some reason it doesn't die in one hit so retreat and use the big rock as cover. When it returns shoot it again to finish it off. Proceed ahead, there are no items here that we need.


I like to pause here and admire the music while thinking back about how legendary the Metal Gear Saga has been. Brings a tear to my eye. Collect the Chaff Grenade from the middle of the heliport and leave the heliport by the left ramp and look in that building for some tranq. ammo, this will also trigger a flashback, your tranq. ammo should be at its max by now (50). I get confused now because everybody sneaks through crawlspaces to evade the Scarabs. Just throw a Chaff Grenade and run straight through, but be sure you have one more for the ending of the game. This saves a lot of time.

Tank Hangar

I get confused now because everybody sneaks through crawlspaces to evade the Scarabs. Just throw a Chaff Grenade and run straight through, once again tho make sure you keep a spare. Roll under the shutter and stay on the right wall. Move forward to the Canyon area.


Run to the middle of the canyon, and when you get to the GEKKO, simply walk slowly between them until you reach the door.

Nuclear Warhead Storage Building

1st Floor

Don't remember Otacon's password, there is a secret one that you can use. I'll tell you when we get there. If you don't have one, climb in the back of this truck for an FIM-92A. Head to the bulkhead to trigger the conversation, then go to the elevator and go to the floor, B2.

Floor B2

Go straight ahead and make a left at the end then just follow the route. Use the code 14893. This gives you a 100,000 DP bonus, when you enter it correctly you will hear a monkey sound. Go back, when you make a right and there is a narrow doorway ahead of you, start charging the Rail Gun, when it gets fully charged, go through and aim right, as soon as the GEKKO drops down, shoot it. When you go through the doorway, be careful not to hit the Rail Gun on the doorway because it will cancel it. Go back up in the elevator.

1st floor - revisited

Go to the door with the Metal Gear Mk.3. As soon as you regain control of Snake when you see the GEKKO, start charging the Rail Gun and move to your right, under the walkway, once the GEKKO jumps down, shoot the GEKKO.

Snowfield & Communications Tower

Check the little room on the right for some Mosin Nagant tranq. ammo. Now continue to the Crying Wolf battle.

Crying Wolf


  • Only use Night vision when you are in a snowstorm or else the Frog pmc soldiers will find you by the sound made from the solid eye.
  • Only get up and run when the snow storm starts, if the snow storm hasn't started, crawl to avoid being seen.
  • Six headshots from any weapon will kill crying wolf.
  • You can follow Crying wolfs footprints to see which direction of the map she is in.
  • In order to replenish stamina and lower stress for Snake in the cold snowstorm, equip the cardboard box; it provides a warm(er) environment for Snake. It also makes it impossible for crying wolf to smell you and/or find you.
  • Do not go onto the towers and fight from there, you will get caught and an alert will trigger.
  • Use the tranquilzer pistol instead of the mosin nagant sniper rifle for enemies nearby, the mosin nagant is noisy and will trigger an alert.

Crying Beauty

Once again you can use the stun knife to conserve your non-lethal ammo, and also use the Mosin Nagant. Remember, DO NOT kill the beauties!! If you kill CW non-lethally you will find the fourth of 5 dolls required for the Solar Gun next to the building that you start near but only during the fight against CB (this can be done on any difficulty and you don't need to collect them in one playthrough). After she is defeated, continue through the door ahead.

NOTE: After Crying WOLF is defeated, all of the ammo returns to the map. This means you can re- refill your tranq and V-ring ammo during Crying BEAUTY so take advantage of this before finishing her off. ** I haven't confirmed if this is only if you use non-lethal ammo to kill Crying Wolf **

Blast Furnace

Take the walkway that leads you to a wall, wall hug and mov to the other side, carry on until the elevator is to you left, below you. Throw down a Chaff Grenade and roll over the railing, activate the elevator and press B5. You leave through the door opposite the one you enter. When the doors open, start charging the Rail Gun and shoot the GEKKO. Now wait for another GEKKO to turn up and do the same to this one. I shot the Scarab on the wall with the M82A2 to make sure it would work.

Casting Facility South

I shot the Scarab on the wall with the M82A2 to make sure it would 'kill' it. Continue and be sure to pick up the tranq. ammo next

Casting Facility North

Have a Chaff Grenade in hand crouch and move forwards until you reach a group of inactive Scarabs. Throw the Chaff Grenade near them, as soon as it goes off, move as far forward as possible and turn right. Climb the conveyor belt, drop off directly ahaed of you, turn left and roll over the barrier.

Underground Base

Once you can see Scarabs, throw a Chaff Grenade and make your way to the door.

Underground Supply Tunnel


If you do happen to have the Solar Gun, fire one fully charged shot when he is near you and he will go down in one. Here is if you don't have the Solar Gun, it's time to unleash the M6OE4 it has an ammo capacity of 200! When he is about to swipe, do a roll to dodge him. When he's down make sure you have a weapon that says 'CQC' and the Syringe equipped. When you knock him down, don't stand right next to him because he will knock you away, but stand very close and then run at him but before you press R1 make sure you are not moving otherwise you will try and throw him to the ground. The grenade launcher can also be very useful here. If he is throwing knives, make sure you don't stop moving!

Suicide GEKKOs

Stay crouched when charging, this helps recover health, don't move unless the GEKKOs have managed to reach you. Watch for the one GEKKO that appears behind you, only fire fully charged shots.

Surface Tunnel

Take your time and make sure that you don't pass a GEKKO because if it is shooting you from behind you won't get it and it will do a lot of damage. Stick to the gatling gun but beware. It overheats very quickly. Alternatively, you can just use Rex's forward lung capability through the entire tunnel. It will knock over and kill the Gekko and you will take minimal damage from the Gekko exploding when they die.

Port Area

Dash forwards at the start and press triangle when the prompt appears. Now use the buildings as cover and full charge the laser, walk towrds it while firing when it drops, press triangle near him. If he fires rockets, dodge them with X or shoot the Gatling Gun. When he charges at you, dodge to the side and then ram him after he stops blocking othrwise it won't be good for you. This fight is quite hard but not too difficult.

I have just found another unbelievably easy way to do this fight, using this I can easily do it without taking any damage whatsoever. Okay, here we go. The only weapon we will use is the Laser. Hide just around a corner where Liquid will start to approach you from around the corner. Make sure your Laser is charged up (even charge Lv. 1 will be good enough) and he should be pretty close to you. Now shoot him with the Laser at the same time as advancing towards him, as soon as he goes down, press triangle and repeat this method. If the Laser runs out of charge, just stay away, use the buildings as cover and keep trying the laser. As I said, when you get used to this, the fight becomes very easy.

Note - You should be at around 3 hours 20.

Act 5 - Old Sun - Outer Haven

Ship Bow

This part is easy. At first just stick to the left side, don' t stop crawling and tranq' all the FROGs that are in your way. When you get to the GEKKO area, dash between cover and don't be afraid to stand up. Just watch out for the two FROGs that jump down near the end. When you have reached the other end another GEKKO will appear. The door is on your right, and there will be a FROG at either side of the door, very high up. Make sure you take them out. Use the boxes that are close to the door as cover from the GEKKOs. Even if it is only one box high, crouching will still hide you. Take out the GEKKOs with the Rail Gun and open the door. Pick up the tranq. ammo on one side before you go down the lift.

Command Center

FROG Ambush

Turn left 90 degrees into the little hallway, lie down and start tranquilising them. They come in 3 waves, for the first wave, just use the Mk.2 to tranq. them all, making sure you stay low. The second wave will have FROGs that are where they were in the last wave. But first, get out the Mosin Nagant and tranq. the 2 FROGs above on the balcony, now carry on tranquilising them. The third wave is identical to the first wave. Whatever health you finish with is carrried through to the Screaming Mantis fight.

Screaming Mantis

Hardest of all boss fights. TAKE OUT THE ORANGE DOLL FIRST. It may seem stupid but Meryl on The Boss Extreme is a real bitch, she barely stays down when you tranq. her, the FROGS stay down for ages. Once she is gone, it's easy. When SM throws the blades, lie down and stick to the wall. Use the M4 or AK102 on the dolls without taking time to aim, just shoot like mad. Alternatively, quick reflexes and anything with a laser sight works just as well. When SM holds up Meryl and a frog in front of her, tranq. them and stay shooting the dolls. Don't forget to keep using the syringe and tranq. any FROG that you can see. If Meryl is close, tranq. her, even if she does get straight back up.

If you want to keep Meryl down, just use CQC and use the Syringe on her, this should keep her down for a whole 1 round, once she gets up again just use the syringe again. After that just keep aiming for the orange doll (mantis doll) once the doll drops, pick it up and use it as a weapon against Mantis, this should kill her very very quickly.

Alternate Strategy:

This makes the fight a hell of a lot easier. After you syringe yourself and before you ever shoot the Mantis doll, run around and syringe every frog, making sure you drag them all to the outer perimeter (this is because Screaming Mantis will use her red glowing ball thing on only one frog at a time to regain their control, and its easiest to avoid her throwing blades on the outside). Do the same with Meryl when she gets close. This turns the fight into a piece of cake.

Screaming Beauty

You'll be glad to hear that you can use all of the non-lethal ammo that you want, you won't be using any more guns now. Remember, DO NOT kill the beauties!! If you kill SM non-lethally you will find the last doll required for the Solar Gun in the little hallway mentioned two paragraphs up but only during the fight against SB (this can be done on any difficulty and you don't need to collect them in one playthrough).

NOTE: After Screaming MANTIS is defeated, all of the ammo returns to the map. This means you can re- refill your tranq and V-ring ammo during Screaming BEAUTY so take advantage of this before finishing her off. ** I haven't confirmed if this is only if you use non-lethal ammo to kill Screaming Mantis **

Missile Hangar


To get through here without being hit, all you need is a few Chaff Grenades, you only need two. When you see the first scarabs, throw one. when it is about to run out, throw another one. See it's simple, even if you only have one you should be able to throw that and make a mad dash for it and get through easy.

Microwave Tunnel

Just one tip, only press triangle fast enough to make the prompt dissapear, it will need to be pressed more frequently later on. This will stop you literally destroying your arm needlessly.


In this last boss fight the player controls of the game have been changed: hold L1 down and tap R1 for a strong punch. Tap R1 for quick jabs. Tap R1 three times rapidly to do a jab-jab-kick combination. To Dash press X+ the direction you want to dash with on the left analog stick. There are other controls such as blocking and taunting. Press the select button to see the full control scheme. There is no certain way to beat this boss, but there are certain patterns you can exploit for a definitave win.

There are three phases the boss will go through, these phases are indicated by the boss's name changing from: Liquid Snake to Liquid Ocelot and Ocelot. With each phase change the fighting style of Ocelot will change.

Liquid Snake

This is the first phase of the boss fight. In this phase Ocelot will have the same moves as snake.

There are two relatively fast methods to beat liquid Ocelot in the first phase.

1) Tap R1 in a slow pattern to repeatedly jab punch Liquid in the face, DO NOT follow through with the jab-jab-kick combination. If you time it right, Snake will ONLY repeat the jab combination over and over: the game animation will not allow Liquid to attack you back or recuperate. This method takes some practice to master and is harder to accomplish than method 2, but it is the fastest method to beat liquid.

2) A slightly more time consuming but easier way to defeat liquid in his first phase, is to get him near a ledge and try to strong punch him off, the game mechanics will not allow Liquid to fall off the ledge and he will begin to flail, leaving him wide open to be strong punched again for damage. The strong punch will make Liquid will fall down and get up again. This can be exploited endlessly.

Game Tip: When Liquid's attack manages to knock you down to the floor, he will taunt you, when he is taunting you press Triangle to taunt him back and refill your health slightly! This can be very useful if you are running low on health.

Liquid Ocelot

This is the second phase of the boss battle and considered the hardest part by many. Liquid Ocelot will begin to use a devastating new attack; a strong punch that makes you lose a massive amount of health. Before he uses this attack he says "take this!", cuing the player to dodge the attack. In order to avoid it, dash backwards or to the side. This leaves Ocelot wide open to attack for a short amount of time. The quickest method to beat him in this phase is to strafe around Liquid waiting until Liquid uses his strong punch attack, then attacking him with a full jab-jab-kick combination.


This is the third phase of the boss battle and is cqc intensive, Ocelot will begin to utilize grappling attacks, pins and chokeholds. The fastest method to beating Ocelot is to avoid using cqc attacks (there will be prompts that show up on screen, allowing you to do cqc attacks), though, if you must, make sure you throw him to the ground, or you're near a post, and focus on doing jab combinations. The cqc attack damage Snake does is really small. Using methods one or two as stated above will drain Ocelots health much faster.

There is a fourth phase of battle after the third phase, it requires you to press the attack button to get pass a movie sequence. It is possible to die in the last phase of battle if the attack button is not pressed. After the fight finishes there are still many minutes of cutscenes that can be skipped. The credits take about fifteen minutes that cannot be skipped.


You beat the game! Be proud of yourself, you beat it in the Boss Extreme difficulty, with 0 deaths, 0 alerts, 0 kills, 0 recovery items used, 0 special items used, and in under 5 hours.