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A female assistant to an American technician was sent to support her boss at the Ngumba Industrial Zone, in the Angola-Zaire border region, in 1979.

A volunteer with a medical NGO, she was sponsored by the technician's corporation under the pretense of giving aid to people suffering from a disease, but was actually there to observe the test subjects of Skull Face's vocal cord parasites.[1] It is implied that part of the reason why she ended up agreeing to observe the test subjects was because she was the only member of her NGO besides her immediate superior who could speak English.[2] After the industrial zone's facility burned to the ground, the assistant and technician were taken hostage by the private force Rogue Coyote.

In 1984, the NGO later hired Diamond Dogs to rescue the assistant and technician from Rogue Coyote. During this time, the assistant had been abandoned by her boss, having feared she had become infected with the parasite, despite their use of protective outfits, although she didn't hold it against him.[2] After Venom Snake brought the two back to Mother Base, they, upon being placed in quarantine, revealed all they knew about what had been going on at the facility, shedding further light on Skull Face's experiments.

Behind the scenes

The Technician's Assistant is a key character in Mission 24: Close Contact, being one of the two primary rescue targets. She stayed on the encampment. Her name and rank upon being extracted to Mother Base is Silent Crocodile.


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