Suzetta Miñet is the pseudonym of an unidentified voice actress who provided the English voice for EVA in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Little is known about her. Her absence from Comic-Con preceding Peace Walker's release caused many to speculate that Suzetta Miñet was an alias for an actress, which was later confirmed by David Hayter.[1] Some believed that she was actually Debi Mae West, although West denied this in an interview with Ryan Payton, during the 56th session of The Kojima Productions Report.[2] In an interview with The Codec, West again denied that she was Miñet. However, she did express shock at how similar they sound.[3]

In a separate interview with The Codec, English voice director Kris Zimmerman confirmed that she also knew the identity of Suzetta Miñet, and stated that she didn't know whether it would ever become public knowledge but was not optimistic.[4] Zimmerman also stated that Miñet's use of a pseudonym had nothing to do with Konami and instead was a personal choice of the actress who played the role. She also expressed amusement at fan theories about Miñet's identity.[5]

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