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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

The supply depot on the San Hieroynmo Peninsula was a logistics center of the secret Soviet missile base in the region. Cargo imported to the base was shipped here from the harbor for storage and eventual distribution across the peninsula. Along with the main warehouse, the depot also contained a military bunker for defense. One of the rooms was also locked in order to detain one of the more rebellious personnel.


San Hieronymo Incident

Main article: San Hieronymo Incident

Shortly after the formation of their Spy Unit, Naked Snake's resistance sent a unit over to the supply depot, due to the fact that it was a key part of the supply transportation path from the harbor. Eventually, the unit learned and reported that a map detailing cargo shipments was located at the supply depot's main warehouse, with the resistance's Sneaking Unit subsequently infiltrating the facility in order to procure it and learn the location of the harbor. After discovering that the only accessible route to the harbor, the rail bridge, had been turned into a checkpoint and blockaded by Gene's forces, some of the resistance members returned to the supply depot in order to create a diversion. They did this by destroying a military truck which was stationed at the peripheral road there, and succeeded in drawing away some of the forces from the bridge. Shortly after the loss of the truck, the personnel ended up using semi-trailer trucks for deliveries.



  • Soviet soldiers
  • Soviet officers (male)

Soldiers' equipment

  • AK-47
  • Vz-61 Scorpion (during truck demolition operation)

Story missions

Recruit Jonathan (1 of 4 Locations)

"We're going to scout for soldiers with grudges against Gene. Listen to what the enemy is saying. Then, once you've found someone ripe for the picking, grab and bring 'em back to the truck."
―Roy Campbell to Naked Snake

"Map Procurement"

"Sources indicate that a map detailing cargo shipment routes is located inside a warehouse in the supply depot. The warehouse is located behind a large building. Intel suggests that the map is available for procurement at any time."
―Spy report from the supply depot
  • Go north. Climb up using crates.
  • Be careful near wall gap (east).
  • North to building corner.
  • When it's safe, head east (wait until soldier is out of view).
  • Sneak after him (north)
  • Slam/choke him, then continue north.
  • Go to ramp (east). Doc will be in front of you on crate.

Optional missions

"Diversionary Operation"

"We have located a truck on the peripheral road. Sources indicate that is an ideal point for detonating an explosive, thus igniting an enemy diversion."
―Spy report from the supply depot
  • Go west up ramp.
  • Go south to corner. Then when no one is watching, go behind the stack of wood.
  • Grab the guard that will go past you. Knock him out and hide him by the building.
  • Get back to the stack of wood and go to the south end of the stack of wood.
  • Tranquilize the guard on patrol (north to south) when he is far south and unlikely to be seen.
  • Run north into the building you got the docs from.
  • At the far north end, go east. The TNT can now be found where the secret docs were.
  • Go soth then down the ramp (east). Follow the path to a ladder.
  • Grab the guard (south) and knock him out.
  • Go through the door (north) then head east back to your truck.
  • Tranquilize guard in front of you (south).
  • Place TNT near truck.
  • When you are clear of the blast, detonate.

"Prisoner Confirmed"

"We have confirmed the presence of a detained soldier inside the supply depot."
―Spy report from the supply depot

From the start, go up the stairs, then climb over the window into the pantry area. You should notice a cracked section of the wall to your right. If you have TNT, plant the TNT on the wall section in question, get far enough away from the blast radius before detonating the TNT stick. It will reach a cautionary alert, but by the time you enter the newly created hole in the wall, you'll find the imprisoned Soviet soldier and the mission will end before you have to worry about being caught by the enemy.

"Scorpion Found"

"Sources indicate that there is a scorpion stored inside the supply depot. We assess that it is available for procurement at any time."
―Spy report from the supply depot

The Scorpion is found in the back area of the warehouse, on top of some boxes closest to the entrance.


  • Secret doc (cargo shipment routes map)
  • Scorpion

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