Stun rod

The stun rod used by the Militaires Sans Frontières.

A stun rod is a device used to administer an electric shock in order to incapacitate an enemy.

Use by the Militaires Sans Frontières

The stun rod model used by the Militaires Sans Frontières was charged with a million and a half volts, enough to knock someone on the receiving end out cold. Mastering the use of one was part of the MSF's training regimen, though they would use mock stun rods during these sessions, requiring the partner to act as if it was the real thing.

Peace Walker Incident

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MSF commander Big Boss used the stun rod to interrogate a radioman working for the CIA mercenary group Peace Sentinel, at the shipping facility at Puerto del Alba, Costa Rica. Through this, he was able to learn that cargo was headed towards Mt. Irazu, though a brief scuffle ensued after he became distracted, prompting him to electrocute the radioman into unconsciousness.

Behind the scenes

The Stun Rod appears in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as the standard close-quarters weapon, replacing the combat knife from previous games.

  • If used on a body of water, the Stun Rod will stun all soldiers standing in that water.
  • The Stun Rod can also be used to revive soldiers in the Near-Death status.
  • The Stun Rod can be used against allies in Co-Ops. Using one on an ally, however, will do no damage.
  • The Stun Rod is the only weapon that cannot be dropped from the inventory.
"A non-lethal weapon that delivers a 1.5 million volt electric shock to the target, overloading their motor neurons and rendering them unable to move. Shocking the target long enough will knock them unconscious.
By making use of conducting materials (water, metal), it can be used to shock more distant targets as well.
Charging the rod takes a short while, so it cannot be used multiple times in a row. Keep this in mind when facing multiple enemies.
Useful when going for a no-kill completion, or when ammo is running short for your other weapons.
―Stun Rod weapon description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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