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Steven "Steve" Gardner was the National Security Advisor for the United States during the events of the Galuade Incident.


At some point in his career, Gardner, then a section chief for the CIA, had zealously pursued an investigation on the assassination of a Government VIP and a foreign agent, despite it being outside CIA jurisdiction. As a direct result of his bungling of the case, which involved the daughter of then-Army colonel John Parker, she committed suicide, earning Gardner and Parker bitter enmity towards each other, with them taking their feuds with each other to issues of politics and military operations.[1]

In 1995, while serving as the Deputy Director of the CIA, Gardner funded the development of Metal Gear and Outer Heaven, the former of which had been the idea of Big Boss, the man assigned to the project.[2] Gardner later resurrected the project under the codename of "Project Babel" (in an attempt to turn the United States into the only super power in Africa) and became the Director of the CIA, though he later relinquished the project to Parker at his demand after Metal Gear was hijacked by foreign terrorists. However, he also gave Parker a condition: that he sacrifice Black Chamber.[3] After the agreement was settled, Gardner, after ensuring Black Chamber had arrived back in the United States, ordered the ambush on Black Chamber, manipulating Roy Campbell into thinking that he was attacking terrorists, in order to silence Black Chamber, as well as ensure that Black Chamber was on hand to witness this and thus have any survivors declare revenge for his eventual plan of retrieving Project Babel from Parker and tarnishing his reputation.[4] To do this, Gardner leaked the intel on Metal Gear GANDER to Brian McBride (whose true identity he was actually well aware of) and Black Chamber, so they would attempt to steal GANDER and join the Gindra Liberation Front. He later blackmailed Campbell into getting Solid Snake out of retirement with the alternative of exposing the incident and pinning the blame on Campbell for masterminding the whole thing, apparently also holding his niece, Meryl Silverburgh, hostage to demonstrate the seriousness of his blackmail.[5] and also hired Ronard Lensenbrink ("Weasel") to assassinate Snake's support team after the mission is completed (as he was the only one who can take on Snake in an even fight), so that they couldn't expose the truth behind his involvement with Metal Gear. In addition, he also placed the United States Air Force on standby mode at the beginning of the Galuade Incident so that, in the event that Snake failed to stop the GLF, he would orchestrate an air-raid bombardment of Galuade that would have also ensured Snake's death, also making sure a nuclear warhead was primed,[6] and also ensured that the Delta Force's position was leaked to Brian McBride and Black Chamber to foil Parker's attempt at outdoing him.[7] Ultimately, however, he did not anticipate that Chris Jenner would be difficult to capture.[8] Snake later vowed to take down Gardner and Parker for their part in playing chess with peoples lives and hearts.

Notes and references

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