The Stealth Gun was a specialized weapon that was invented and developed by the combined effort of the Militaires Sans Frontieres R&D department. It was a weapon that could fire a specialized ray that allowed a teammate to become optically invisible. It was designed shortly after the events of Metal Gear ZEKE's hijacking. Its bulky stature and the length of its ray allowed for it to be best used as a sniper rifle. However, it had a few shortcomings: Namely, it could only work if the soldier was actually engulfed in the ray, and its size couldn't allow for it to be used on the user, making it an exclusively CO-OPs weapon. Also, the device ran on batteries, so it had be used sparingly. MSF's R&D could extend its battery life, however.

Behind the scenes

The Stealth Gun was first demonstrated in the second gameplay trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Calling Kazuhira Miller will prompt some explanations for the weapon. If a player got the game via the Peace Walker Entertainment Pack or the Big Boss Bundle, they could input a specialized code that allowed them to get the Stealth Gun early before the game is finished. A similar promotion existed in regards to Lawson convenience stores, although unlike the above two, it allowed for the player to also gain a specialized FOX T-shirt. In addition, the Lawson promotion included a Lawson T-shirt as well as an artbook.

In-game descriptions

Peace Walker

"A unique weapon that effectively renders the target optically invisible. The result of the combined efforts of the entire Mother Base R&D Team.
Because of its large size, it cannot be operated without the assistance of CO-OPs teammates, so be careful not to take it along on solo missions.
―Model Viewer description of the Stealth Gun in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"The stealth gun's beam lets you turn a teammate invisible. Too bad you can't point it at yourself, though. It's too big for that."
―Miller's description of the Stealth Gun in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
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