Metal gear Solid Portable Ops Plus

Metal gear Solid Portable Ops Plus

Portable Ops Plus special movie.

Special Movie is the name of a gag film that is unlocked on the official website for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus, specifically on the B map (featuring the REX hangar of Shadow Moses) via locating the Kerotans.

Plot summary

At the Silo Entrance of the San Hieronymo Peninsula, Raiden, Roy Campbell, and Old Snake are lying on the ground holding onto GA-KOs, while a Yellow Genome Soldier is positioned to signal the start of the race. After the Genome Soldier proceeds to fire a round from his rifle, the three contestants then place their GA-KOs on the ground, and they proceed to waddle over to an alley. On the other end of the alley is a Spetsnaz operative holding his gun steady and using the laser sight as a makeshift finish line tape for the GA-KO toys.

Eventually, there is something amiss, causing the footage to be rewound. The playback then reveals there was an unregistered contestant in the race: the Yellow Genome Soldier who acted as the start signaler. As he is proceeding to savor his victory, Snake, Raiden, and Roy get up, and at Snake's order, Roy and Raiden proceed to shoot at him with RPG-7 shells, killing both the Yellow Genome Soldier and the GRU soldier.