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A Soviet soldier served as a language specialist in Northern Kabul, Afghanistan, before being recruited by the private military company Diamond Dogs.


The language specialist participated in the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan, whose job was to translate West-related information from English into Russian for the Soviets' use.[1] However, the soldier secretly sought to defect to the West in order to be able to live a free life.[2] During his time in Afghanistan, he taught a fellow soldier the innuendo-laced phrase "I spent last night with your girlfriend."[3]

In 1984, the Diamond Dogs received intel on his existence and deployment into the region.[1][4][5] With Venom Snake and Ocelot unable to speak or efficiently translate Russian, respectively, recruiting a skilled interpreter became necessary.[6] Upon being extracted to Mother Base via the Fulton recovery system, the soldier was very cooperative with his captors, largely because they allowed him to leave communist suppression behind. Kazuhira Miller then moved him to the Support Unit, where the soldier proceeded to supply Venom Snake with Russian translations.[2]

Behind the scenes

The Russian interpreter is a key character in a Side Op for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The character and his role was shown in the E3 2015 gameplay demo. His appearance reiterates what early press releases stated about the game in terms of needing an interpreter in order to understand foreign languages. His code name on Mother Base is Ochre Capybara.

In the E3 demo, he was located at Lamar Khaate Palace's second floor, and Snake needed to have DD distract him in order to knock him out, and then Fulton him via a gap in the ceiling. In the actual game, however, he is at a checkpoint near the Eastern Communications Outpost with two other soldiers, and can be heard trying to "train" another soldier nearby to speak English. Because of most Side Ops being blanked out upon being completed, including the side op he appears in, his dialogue with the soldier is the only one that cannot be translated at all. However, Piggyback Guides did supply a translation for his dialogue in their extra section.


Notes and references

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    This conversation is only accessed if the player attempts to interrogate a Soviet soldier before recruiting the Russian interpreter.
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