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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

The Soviet patrol base on the San Hieronymo Peninsula was a front-line military installation used by the Red Army in the southwest of the region. The area was also used for the storage of a large number of cargo containers and crates. Other facilities included an armory as well as a prison cell located in the basement. In addition to the main buildings, there were also buildings to the north, east, and south portions of the perimeter as well as various towers that were presumably watch towers.


At some point in late 1970, a squad of Green Berets was supposed to do a reconnaissance mission at the Soviet patrol base while investigating why the base was continuing development.[1] However, the FOX Unit ambushed them and massacred the unit before they could do so, and took Roy Campbell, the sole survivor, prisoner.[2]

San Hieronymo Incident

Main article: San Hieronymo Incident

During FOX's occupation of the Peninsula, a launch plan was delivered to the Soviet patrol base's command post, with the commanding officer expressing shock when looking at the launch plan delivered by Cunningham, as well as fear in regards to Gene's power.[3] A day later, after escaping from imprisonment, Naked Snake scouted the patrol base in order to gather intel on FOX's presence on the peninsula, since that was the only location that Campbell knew of from his briefing at Fort Bragg. After overhearing a conversation concerning a mysterious nuclear weapon that FOX had hijacked, and deducing that not all of the Soviet personnel were happy with FOX's current control over the peninsula, Snake located classified documents revealing that they were intending to launch said weapon. The commanding officer was later presumably imprisoned within the basement. Later, Snake's resistance group destroyed the patrol base's armory with TNT, in order to create a diversion and draw away enemy forces from the heavily guarded rail bridge.



  • Soviet soldiers
  • One Soviet officer

Soldiers' equipment

  • AK-47
  • M16 (during the demolition operation on the armory)

Story missions

Gather intel

"OK, now get out there and suss out the situation. You can learn a lot from what the enemy is saying. Just get close to an enemy and listen carefully. [...] Pay extra attention to anybody who looks like a commanding officer. They might be carrying something important. Remember that!"
―Roy Campbell to Naked Snake
  • Go north until a cutscene is triggered
  • Hop on the waist high ledge.
  • Tranquilize both guards.
  • Climb over and sneak to the nearby tower
  • Crawl underneath it to the standing height crates.
  • Knock on the crate to get the guards attention then CQC him.
  • Run the far end towards the next tower.
  • Crawl underneath the tower and there will be a guard in front of him.
  • Tranquilize him and run to where he is.
  • Walk into the building and sneak to the officer.
  • Knock him out with a choke then grab the document.

Recruit Jonathan (1 of 4 Locations)

"We're going to scout for soldiers with grudges against Gene. Listen to what the enemy is saying. Then, once you've found someone ripe for the picking, grab and bring 'em back to the truck."
―Roy Campbell to Naked Snake
  • Sneak along the side until you get to where you listened to the guards previously.
  • Slide along until you can see the patrolling guard.
  • From here, you could sneak up on him and either choke him or hold him up etc.
  • Once he's knocked out, drag him back to the truck.

Optional missions

"M16A1 Located"

"Sources indicate that there is an M16A1 stored in the front-line patrol base. We assess that it is available for procurement at any time."
―Spy report from the Soviet patrol base

Unlike other weapons, M16 is found there every time you go there after finding malaria drugs.

"Diversionary Operation"

"We have located an armory in the southeastern quadrant of the base. It is a viable point to detonate an explosive, causing a distraction for enemy units."
―Spy report from the Soviet patrol base
  • Go east past guard tower
  • Then go southeast, diveroll onto ledge
  • Sneak east into entrance.
  • Watch out for guard (south) knock him out and place him (west) of the crate so the guard looking at the northeast corner of the crate would see him.
  • Hide behind the large crate (north) and knock on it to get guards attention (southeast).
  • Move to the west side of the crate.
  • a guard will then investigate the knock then walk over to the knocked out guard.
  • Grab him as he walks past and knock him out.
  • From the northeast corner of the crate, you can snipe the remaining guard at the armory (southeast).
    • M16A1 can be grabbed now (east).
    • Guards can be recruited here by dragging them into the east corner then hiding and recruiting.
  • Place TNT in armory and detonate.

"Prisoner Detected"

"We have confirmed the presence of a soldier being held captive in a jail cell located in the enemy front-line patrol base."
―Spy report from the Soviet patrol base
IMG 1908

Key A

First, go forward from the starting position (East), then turn right when you get to the entrance (South). You should notice a hole towards the left most wall. Go down it, and you should find a passageway underneath. Turn right, and knock out the soldier and shake him up so you can get Key A. Shortly after getting Key A, use it to unlock the cell he was guarding. You've just rescued a Soviet Officer. It's advisable that you do this mission as a Soviet footsoldier to lower the risk of setting off an alert, although going down the hole will still result in an alert phase if the soldiers see you doing it. Enemy chatter during earlier missions after the first visit implied that the soviet officer's imprisonment was because of his incompetence regarding keeping the classified file detailing the launch plans for the stolen CIA weapon under guard as well as Big Boss's theft of those plans as a result.[4]

"Enemy Situation"

"Evidence suggests there is a soldier in the patrol base engaged in sabotage. We assess that a warning from the Commander will lead to increased security at the base."
―Spy report from the Soviet patrol base

The saboteur mentioned in the report is on the roof. Lure the commander to the roof by knocking the walls in earshot of the commander, and continue doing so until the commander is on the roof. Be absolutely certain the commander doesn't spot you. In addition, the player can recruit a Soviet soldier on the main floor.

This is in the European version only


  • Secret Doc (Metal Gear launch trajectory intel)
  • M16A1

Notes and references

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  3. ^ This is implied if Snake eavesdrops on the commanding officer while doing reconnaissance on FOX's plan as well as finding personnel who don't hold FOX with high regard. The officer in question states "I'm scared... I want to run away... but I can't. What is this "power" the Commander has?"
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    This is heard by a soldier at the main building from the second visit to the Soviet Patrol Base area onward
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