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During the Soviet-Afghan war, a Lieutenant Colonel was stationed at Qarya Sakhra Ee. The Lieutenant Colonel was considered an excellent leader.[1][2]

After the Hamid fighters of the Mujahideen stationed at Da Smasei Laman disappeared from the fort, the Lieutenant Colonel seized the opportunity to relocate his post to the fort to ensure better efficiency of the Soviet forces in the region, and brought along a tank unit composed of two TT77 NOSOROG Battle Tanks to ensure he acquired the fort. However, his plans failed due to Venom Snake and Diamond Dogs.

Behind the scenes

The Lieutenant Colonel at Qarya Sakhra Ee is the primary target of the main mission "Occupation Forces" in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The player can either eliminate or extract him. He does not say anything unique if interrogated.

Depending on whether the Lieutenant Colonel still has at least one tank with him or no tanks with him, Miller's report on the Lieutenant Colonel's arrival at Da Smasei Laman will vary. If there is still at least one tank with the Lt. Colonel, Miller will mention that the mission is a failure if the tank unit arrives at Smasei Fort before pressuring Snake to hurry up and put a stop to them. If the player managed to extract both tanks before the Lt. Colonel arrived at Smasei Fort, Miller's report is more optimistic, where he'll note that the Lt. Colonel doesn't know when to give up, but he chose the wrong side of history and that the stories don't reflect well on him.



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