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A Soviet bionics engineer was the original creator of Venom Snake's prosthetic hand, and had been responsible for creating countless similar prosthetic limbs while serving the Soviet Union, many of which he had personally presented to the Kremlin. In 1984, he unsuccessfully tried to defect from the Afghanistan base camp, due to unhappiness over being put to work creating machines that didn't fully utilize his skills.[1]

The engineer was captured and brought to Wakh Sind Barracks as a prisoner. The Diamond Dogs' subcommander Kazuhira Miller, after being rescued from being captured by Soviet forces accepted the mission alongside two others as part of Diamond Dogs' goal of rebuilding their forces and exacting revenge against XOF for past events, willing to do even wetworks missions if it means getting closer to completing their goals,[2] realizing that his skillsets would prove vital for bolstering Diamond Dogs as it rebuilds itself.[3] He was later rescued by Venom Snake, with the engineer recognizing his prosthetic arm as being his "masterpiece," and was recruited into Diamond Dogs' R&D department. where he proceeded to submit a proposal for modifications to Venom Snake's prosthetic arm in return. There, he continued to work on the prosthetic hand, modifying it for Snake.[4] It was suggested by Miller that he might've been working on Metal Gear Sahelanthropus in Afghanistan.[5]

Behind the scenes

The Bionics Engineer is a key character in the mission "Over the Fence" for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He has a unique appearance (unlike other recruits) and is the only playable character in the game to wear glasses. Before a patch, if one replayed Over the Fence multiple times, multiple versions of the engineer will appear on Mother Base, with his skills increasing with each rescue. However, post-patch, with each replay and rescue, the original will instead be overwritten with the higher-skilled version.

Although the game makes it explicit that he was responsible for the creation of Venom Snake's bionic arm, it is unclear whether he was involved in the creation of a similar prosthetic hand that had been utilized by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zadornov.

Notes and references

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    Soviet Bionics Engineer: That prosthetic... You [Venom Snake] are wearing one of my creations, my masterpiece. My specialty is not humdrum mechanics. My field is bionics. I create hybrids of organisms and artifacts. You can think of that prosthetic as a "bionic arm." I made countless artificial limbs in the service of the Motherland. Many of them I presented to the Kremlin. And this is the thanks I get. "Make giant hands for our new weapons platform," they tell me. I am a bionical engineer! Yet they waste my time on wind-up toys. I could not stand it, so I ran... but got caught. Now it is a lager for me. You saved me - now hire me. I can upgrade your bionic arm, eh? Let me continue my research.
    The above speech is given if the player carries the bionics engineer before Fultoning him.
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