South America

A South American jungle at dawn, in 2014.

A country within South America was one of the locations in which Liquid Ocelot made preparations for his insurrection against the Patriots. Located around the Andes,[1] it was the site of a civil war in the 2010s, between a newly instated regime and rebels who favored the previous government.



At some point prior to 2014, the old regime was ousted from power, and replaced with a new one. Consequentally, several soldiers of the state army were dissatisfied with the regime change, and left to form an armed resistance movement against the new government. In response, the new regime requested that French PMC Pieuvre Armement aid them in fighting the rebels. In exchange, the de-facto leader of Pieuvre Armement, Liquid Ocelot, used parts of the facility as a base in order to find a way to disable the SOP system.

Guns of the Patriots Incident

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In 2014, Liquid Ocelot anticipated that Solid Snake would arrive in the region among the rebel soldiers, to which Vamp, his second in command, warned the PMC troops to be on the lookout at the Cove Valley Village. Nevertheless, Snake successfully managed to infiltrate the research facility in which Naomi Hunter was being held, while the PMCs were distracted with their battle against rebel forces.


The geography of the region is primarily composed of jungles as well as varying elevations. However, the Vista Mansion was located in a noticeably more arid location.

South America guinea pigs

Guinea pigs inhabiting the South American region.


Muña grows in the area, which soldiers could utilize as a means of relaxation.


The following are seen as being native to the region

  • Guinea Pigs
  • Snakes
  • Centipedes


Behind the scenes

South America is one of several regions featured in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which Solid Snake travels to during the course of the storyline. It is the setting of Act 2, Solid Sun, though the exact location is unspecified. According to the end credits and the Integral Podcast, the design of the environment was based on Peru.

However, in order to deploy Snake, the Nomad lands at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, which would imply the region is located within Colombia.


Notes and references

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    The location is implied by the presence of muña within the region, which grows in countries located around the Andes mountains.
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