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Sophie N'dram was General Augustine Eguabon's second-in-command in the Gindra Liberation Front, as well as his lover. An excellent helicopter pilot, she was a dedicated follower in the GLF, even if she was not completely aware of Eguabon's ultimate plan or purpose.


Born to a Frenchman from a prestigious firm and a Gindran woman, Sophie's father left them after the firm's time in Gindra was up when she was a child. When she grew up, Sophie visited France so she could meet her father. However, he sent her away with cash and a statement telling her not see him again. Because of this experience, Sophie realized that neither she nor her country should expect anything better from the rest of the world. She then used the money her father gave to her to get an education at Cambridge University in Britain so she could give it back to the people at Gindra, but later dropped out when she learned that while there, a genocide policy was enacted to destroy the Gindrans, an act that resulted in her mother's death. She joined the GLF in order to try and save her race. However, by the time she got to Gindra, the government was already winning, and her people were already facing near extinction. However, General Eguabon appeared and turned the tide of the war and promised true independence, with the new ideals, weapons and funds. She fell in love with him and eventually became his second-in-command. However, at some point, Eguabon broke off the relationship and soon thereafter, she stopped believing in Eguabon as he had also seemingly lost sight of his ideals and beliefs but chose to remain at his side due to the fact the she was still in love with him.

During the Galuade Incident, she was present when Eguabon made his threats to the President. She was about to board a Mil Mi-28 Havoc when Solid Snake noticed her board it and mistook her for Chris Jenner. He shot the Havoc down when it attacked him, and approached the wreckage, later realizing his mistake. She then fought Snake and was defeated. She explained that she was not afraid to die for her ideals, and explained her history to him. Snake then decided to let her live.

She later overheard Eguabon's dying speech to Snake and decided to try and continue the GLF. She deduced that while his ideals may have been fake, they weren't empty, and that, this time with real ideals, she'd continue the fight that Eguabon started.

Behind the scenes

In an optional Codec conversation, Brian McBride will refer to Sophie as "Joan of Arc", a French Christian teenage freedom fighter who, despite being instrumental to driving off invaders, was arrested and sentenced to be burned at the stake in 1431 at the age of 19.



  1. ^ Although it appears silver in cutscenes, her character sprite depicts her with blonde hair.
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