Solidus mgs2

Solidus Snake in his personal exoskeletion during the Big Shell Incident.

Solidus Snake's exoskeleton was the powered exoskeleton used by Solidus Snake during the 2009 Big Shell Incident.


Solidus's exoskeleton increased his speed, strength, and agility through the use of the same artificial muscle technology that was initially developed by DARPA for Metal Gear RAY, as well as the combat suits for the Tengu Soldiers. The increased agility allowed someone skilled with swordplay to deflect a heavy barrage of machine gun fire with relative ease. The suit could also withstand slashes from an enemy's sword making even cutting the wearer unlikely because of sensors stretching between the interior and the surface of the suit. This was comparable to a neural network that, upon detecting an impact, would instantaneously react by automatically contracting and diffusing the damage. This also allowed him to withstand gunshots comparable to the M4 Carbine even when not bulked up, as demonstrated during his first encounter with Solid Snake during the events of the incident.

The suit had two prehensile tentacles called "Snake Arms" that could be used to grab or asphyxiate opponents (which Solidus used on Olga Gurlukovich), inject drugs such as Phenobarbital B into the system of an opponent, analyze the content of someone's brain for nanomachines and analyze the information on them, and also had the ability to fire small missiles (the following three Solidus used on Raiden). The Snake Arms also could be ejected to further increase the wearer's speed and agility. The suit, or rather, its Snake Arms, were later perfected and utilized in Laughing Octopus' suit.

The suit also came equipped with a built-in accelerator that allowed the user to make quick movements across terrain, leaving a trail of flames in his path. Solidus originally wore a black cloak over the suit, although it was later burned apart after Solidus utilized the accelerator.

Behind the scenes

Solidus Snake's exoskeleton made a cameo in Teliko Friedman's concept artwork for Metal Gear Acid, where she is standing on it in a puddle.

In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Solidus is seen wearing his exoskeleton in Elisa and Ursula's vision.

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