This article is a list of the radio conversations in the non-canon game Snake's Revenge. Similar to Metal Gear, the conversations in this game are completely room oriented and one-sided. In addition, also similar to in Metal Gear, the conversations are also extremely limited in nature, unlike in future games where they give direct details about things pertaining to the mission, as well as give some background and miscellaneous information. It is technically the first Metal Gear game to feature the faces of Solid Snake's contacts, which would later be implemented canonically in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake onward. The player will also need a dry cell to recharge the radio at one point in the game. Finally, there are only about a half dozen optional radio conversations in the game.

Helicopter pilot


Pilot: Snake, the pur-pose of your mission is to infiltrate the enemy strong-hold. You must collect information from your co-workers.

Bad news, Snake

Pilot: Snake, I have bad news for you. You went into the enemy's air space. We can't help you anymore. See you at the meeting point after the military operation is over. Good luck!!

See you soon

Pilot: Hey, Snake. Are you OK? I'll see you soon.

Transmitter activated

Pilot: I set the transmitter. Climb up the deck and use the radar. Hurry up!

Metal Gear 2

Pilot: Congratulations!! Metal Gear is destroyed. But, we have confirmed the existance [sic] of Metal Gear 2. Now Nick is missing. Contact your person at the enemy's base.

Secret Entrance

Pilot: The secret entrance must be somewhere on the grounds.

Reinforced door

Pilot: Snake, follow Jennifer's instructions on entering secret plant. [sic] Use cop-ter missiles to blow up the wall to enter. The spot is marked by a flare. You must not fail.

Nick Myer

John's on the ship

Nick: Lieutenant! It appears that John is a hostage on the ship.

Operation's a go

Nick: Sorry about this late communication. The military operation is a "go."

Powered armor

To initiate this conversation, contact Nick when Snake has entered the rail stop.

Nick: The enemy's powered armor will be available.

Weak wall

To initiate this conversation, contact Nick when Snake is next to a weak wall in the rail stop.

Nick: We [sic] can blast through this weak wall.


Nick: Lieutenant, it was careless of me. I, uh....

John Turner


To initiate this conversation, contact John when Snake encounters enemy gyrocopters.

John: Lieutenant, be careful of the enemy's gyrocopter.

Enemy weapons

John: All enemy weapons seem to be available to use.

Hide at the main gate

John: Are you OK? Hide at the main gate to receive information.

Enacting the plan

John: Lieutenant, I arrived at Point A. Let's put the plan into effect. Good luck infiltrating the enemy's base.

John's location

John: I've been captured in the transport train but have set up the transmitter.

"No traps"

John: There is no trap on the train.

Third car

John: I'm in the third car. There are no enemies here.

Hurry up

To initiate this conversation, contact John while on the train.

John: Hurry up! I'm hiding from the enemy while transmitting.


Weak signal

To initiate this conversation, contact Jennifer after Snake's battery is recharged.

Jennifer: You are far from me, so the signal is still weak.

Important information

Jennifer: You can reach me at the main base. I have some important information.

Nick's ahead

Jennifer: Lieutenant, Nick is coming to us ahead of you. Follow him.

Metal Gear 2 plans

Jennifer: I found the plans for Metal Gear 2. The enemy's commander is going to launch nuclear missiles all over the world. Hurry up!

Commander's location

Jennifer: The commander is located on the top level of this base.

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