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Slasher Hawk was an Australian member of Black Chamber who was raised as an Aborigine. He was accompanied in battle by a hawk, revered as guardian deity in his tribe and his personal totem, which he found as an orphaned chick on a battlefield. In combat, owing to the "Slasher" portion of his name, he wielded a pair of custom-made wilgis, massive boomerangs made of 5-foot long steel that was reportedly capable of cleaving a calf in two, attacking with both simultaneously using a technique inspired by juggling and Chinese martial arts.


The man who would become Slasher Hawk had been abandoned by his birth parents and was taken in by an Aborigine couple, who raised him as their own despite opposition from the village elders. The village, however, treated him coldly, even scattering whenever he attempts to join in on festivities. He observed their customs and taboos in an attempt to gain acceptance. However, when his parents died, he was rejected by the tribe and forced to leave the village. After years of wandering the world as an outsider, he met Black Arts Viper and was recruited into Black Chamber. However, he later ended up caught in an ambush shortly after quelling a terrorist hijacking of a Metal Gear unit in South America, caused by the FOXHOUND unit due to misinformation, which wiped out all but five of Black Chamber, including himself. He then participated in mercenary work with three of the other survivors, while at the same time biding their time to exact revenge for the loss of their unit, eventually tracking down the person responsible for the attack, codenamed Anonymous.

In 2002, they set their plans into motion, by aiding the Gindra Liberation Front in hijacking the U.S.-made Metal Gear unit, GANDER, while it was en route to South America, and later wiped out most of the Delta Squad team assigned to aid Solid Snake in infiltrating Galuade as part of "clean up" work. However, they intended to use the GLF for their own agenda, which was to find out the identity of, and exact revenge on Anonymous, as well as execute millions of people with GANDER for their allowing Anonymous to exist.

Afterwards, Slasher Hawk encountered Snake while the latter was making his way to the barracks. As he knew Snake due to his reputation, he informed Snake that he'll prove that Black Chamber is superior to FOXHOUND by killing Snake, also noting the fitting nature of killing Snake due to Galuade formerly being Outer Heaven, the fortress Snake infiltrated during the Outer Heaven Uprising in 1995. Midway through the battle, he promptly had his Hawk defend him from Snake's attacks, citing it as his totem and guardian.

Following his defeat at the hands of Snake, he explained his harsh background, and also scolded Snake for his affiliation with FOXHOUND, and thus being responsible by proxy for killing off Black Chamber, the closest thing he could call a family. Before he died, he told Snake that Viper will avenge him, and that funeral pyres were forbidden by his tribe and that his hawk would carry his soul home, wondering if he would at last be accepted by his people.

Behind the scenes

Slasher Hawk (スラッシャー・ホーク Surashā Hōku?) appears in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel as an antagonist to Solid Snake, and is fought by the player during a boss battle. He is the second character to wield a boomerang-type weapon, the first being Dirty Duck from Metal Gear.

It is also noted that Slasher Hawk has long legs.[1] His pet hawk's name is Bunjil, named after a cultural hero and deity from the Victoria region of Australia. The hawk's name is only mentioned in Metal Gear Acid 2.[2]



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