Shotmaker was the riot gun-wielding member of the Outer Heaven mercenary force.



Shotmaker was a former member of Spetsnaz[1], the special forces of the Russian GRU.[2] He later became a mercenary and joined Outer Heaven, serving as the warden of its underground prison.[1] He was an expert in the use of a riot shotgun.[1][2]

Outer Heaven Uprising

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During Operation Intrude N313, Shotmaker guarded the cell holding FOXHOUND agent Gray Fox, and later that of Solid Snake.[3][4][5][6] Shotmaker confronted the unarmed Snake after the latter escaped his cell, boasting that no one had ever managed to escape from the prison,[7] and attacked. However, after breaking down a locked door to retrieve his weapons and equipment[8], Snake rearmed himself and was able to take down Shotmaker, using the prison's layout of crates and boxes for cover.

Behind the scenes

Shotmaker (ショット・メーカー Shotto Mēkā?) is a boss character in Metal Gear. He was originally named Shoot Gunner (シュート・ガンナー Shūto Gan'nā?) in the original MSX2 version of the game and Shotgunner (ショット・ガンナー Shotto Gan'nā?) in the NES version. The name Shotmaker was used in the re-released version of Metal Gear.


Shotmaker, third from the right, armed with an unidentified weapon.

From artwork in the MSX2 game manual, Shotmaker appears to hold an RPG launcher-like weapon, based on its silhouette. However, his riot gun in-game is portrayed as a shotgun, which would rule out the RGM-40 as the weapon he uses in the game, unless it was using some kind of shot-loaded shell.

In the NES version, Shotmaker's uniform is different and he appears to possess a mohawk.



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