Shabani was a child laborer at the Kungenga Mine, in the Angola-Zaire border region, 1984.


Phantom Pain Incident

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Shabani led and looked after a group of child soldiers from a captured Mbele squad, who greatly admired him.[1] As the oldest of the children in the mine, Shabani's voice broke earlier, after which he was moved to the Ngumba Industrial Zone along with all the adult prisoners for vocal cord parasite experimentation.[2][3]


Shabani's necklace visible on Tretij Rebenok.

The private force Diamond Dogs was sent to rescue him by freed members of the Mbele squad, although leader Venom Snake was ultimately unable to save him, after the facility was set ablaze by the Man on Fire on Skull Face's orders. Before his death by smoke inhalation, Shabani briefly formed a connection with the psychic child Tretij Rebenok, with an image of his necklace briefly becoming visible on the latter.

Shabani's actual necklace was given to the Mbele squad children by Snake upon returning to Diamond Dogs' Mother Base, where he nonverbally communicated the boy's fate to them. The necklace later fell into a chlorine disinfectant tank, although the sniper Quiet managed to retrieve it.


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    Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller: Shabani was the leader of the boys being forced to work at the mine. He was separated from the others and taken away to Ngumba Industrial Zone. The locals call this place "Nzo ya Badiabulu" - the Devil's House. Shabani was the oldest among the kids. He looked after them, and apparently they really admired him.
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