This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

The Serena Republic was a small country within South America that was frequently plagued with civil wars.


At some point, General Delgado managed to take over the country with military backing from former CIA agents as well as the financial aid of various American corporations. Because of this, after he gained control, he gave those businesses and former CIA agents special privileges in the country, one of these companies also including the weapons producer SaintLogic Inc.

Eventually, some of the minority groups, revolting against the Delgado regime, committed guerrilla attacks on the regime's forces, with Delgado eventually requesting aid from his allies. It came in the form of the Model 2s, although due to flaws in their creation, they became uncontrollable and revolted (in actuality, the real reason behind their revolt is because they were provoked by the technicians under Wiseman's orders), leading to the Praulia Massacre. Eventually, the massacre was settled with the Model 3s being deployed to eliminate the Model 2s, with the Model 3s eventually being mopped up.

One of the guerrilla groups later discovered a surviving Model 3 soldier, Snake, and recruited him due to his mercenary status, even though he was amnesiac. He eventually played a huge role in toppling the Delgado regime and instituting a new government with Mr. Perez as the Secretary of State by infiltrating the Tormenta Stronghold. However, the drug lord Escobar also held some control over the new government, demanding that they return Snake to be tortured and executed due to paying them off after he framed them for Perez's assassination. They also were searching for the people responsible for the Praulia Massacre.

Behind the scenes

The Serena Republic is a fictional country featured in Metal Gear Acid 2. Although the country itself is not actually visitable in the game, it was important due to it acting as part of Snake's backstory in the game.


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