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Colonel Roy Campbell was a former FOXHOUND commander and Solid Snake's field commander during the Galuade Incident.


Colonel Roy Campbell was formerly a member of FOXHOUND, but retired two years prior to the Galuade Incident, due to his unwitting role in the massacre of Black Chamber, having been tricked by Anonymous into thinking the people arriving were terrorists.

He was then called back into action when a Metal Gear was captured by mercenaries working for the Gindra Liberation Front, a minority separatist faction in the Central African nation of Gindra. He was tasked with bringing Solid Snake out of retirement to destroy Metal Gear, and to serve as his field commander during the mission to the fortress Galuade. After Pyro Bison, in his death throes, not only revealed the existence of a fifth surviving member of Black Chamber, but also implied that said member was operating among Snake's support team and thus feeding the other members information on his activities, Weasel noted him as a suspect due to the suspicious reasons behind his retirement and then returning to the field for the mission.

Personality and traits

Campbell knew Snake well, and acted as a friend to him. He was chosen for this reason, but also because he had a "score to settle with the past."

Behind the scenes

Campbell's Codec portrait.

This incarnation of Colonel Campbell appears in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel He serves the same role as the canonical Campbell, though his personal connection to the mission was changed from Meryl Silverburgh to a personal desire to "settle a score with the past." However, No. 4 implied in one of the secret mission debriefings that Meryl being threatened by Steve Gardner was also part of the reason for accepting the mission.

His Ghost Babel Codec portrait was later used as the basis of the transceiver portrait for the canonical Campbell in the re-released versions of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, albeit flipped and given color. In addition, during the Colonel/GW's malfunction from a worm cluster late into Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the Colonel will occasionally use Campbell's Codec portrait from Ghost Babel.


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