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Roughneck Raven was a Private Force active in 1984, that entered a brief conflict with the Diamond Dogs. Venom Snake infiltrated the base sometime after regaining consciousness but was ultimately detected by the base's leader, although the former managed to steal several emplaced weapons and raw materials (many of which had been stolen from a rival PMC known as Stubborn Sheep), as well as abduct some of the PMC's soldiers.

Military resources (1984)


  • Mercenary Hind2

    The company's commander alongside their HP-48 Krokodil.

    At least four soldiers (including the leader and helicopter pilot).

Base of operations

Similar to Diamond Dogs as well as its predecessor, Roughneck Raven possessed an offshore facility that acted as a forward operating base, although it was primarily colored sky blue instead of orange.


The Roughneck Raven uniform was similar overall to the Diamond Dogs uniform and contained as follows:

  • Two-eyed balaclava (note: only a few of the standard infantry wear this as part of the uniform)
  • Head set (note: only the standard infantry wear this as part of the uniform)
  • Utility SPIE (Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction) Harness
  • Tactical Plate Carrier Vest (Vietnam Era Chickenplate)
  • US LC-2 Individual Equipment Belt w/ QR (Quick-Release) Buckle Hello
  • US M1956 Universal Ammo Pouch
  • US 1-Quart Plastic Canteen w/ LC-1 Canteen Cover
  • US M1967 Nylon Field Pack (Butt Pack)
  • Bianchi M12 Universal Holster w/ Drop Leg Extender
  • Jungle fatigues (olive drab fatigues customized with knee braces on the right side and brassards. Their commander wears fatigues similar but with a different camo pattern, a single black knee brace, and a paracord on the left leg).
  • Jungle boots


Assault rifle

  • AM Rifle Type-69
  • GROM-11

Implaced weapons

  • Anti-aircraft guns
  • Turret
    Mgstpp gc 06 web

    Big Boss stealing a cargo container depicting the Roughneck Raven logo from their main base, 1984.


  • Cargo containers containing unprocessed materials
    • At least 750 unprocessed fuel resources[1]
    • At least 750 unprocessed biological material[1]
    • At least 50 unprocessed precious metals[1]
    • At least 8000 unprocessed minor metals[2]

The two Minor Metal cargo containers formerly belonged to the PF Stubborn Sheep.

Vehicles and Aircrafts

Security systems

The logo for Roughneck Raven depicted a triangle with a gray-colored silhouette of a pair of ravens in flight, and a rectangular banner giving the name of the organization.

Behind the scenes


The Roughneck Raven commander interrupting the infiltration.

Roughneck Raven is a custom PMC that was introduced in the Gamescom 2014 demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Roughneck Raven's Mother Base featured as the defending player's base, to demonstrate the multiplayer option for the core game. Although the main building at the base as well as some shipping containers featured the Roughneck Raven logo, most other parts of the base included the Diamond Dogs logo.

The ending of the demo section depicting the player having been caught depicted Roughneck Raven's leader as also being Venom Snake, although this was for demonstration purposes, showcasing the multiplayer forward operating base invasion game mode available in The Phantom Pain.

Several development screenshots for The Phantom Pain shared on Hideo Kojima's Twitter account depicted Big Boss with a Roughneck Raven insignia on the right shoulder of his Sneaking Suit,[3] leading some to speculate as to whether the military company would feature in the main game.[4] Further fueling speculation was the placement of the patch, featured Snake's right shoulder, which usually signifies the unit a soldier served in previously. However, it was later announced and demonstrated that the player could create and customize their own emblems as a purely aesthetic feature. Custom emblems would appear on uniforms, vehicles and the player's Mother Base.[5][6][7]

In the final version of The Phantom Pain, it is impossible to replicate Roughneck Raven's logo due to the player only able to add one "front" piece to their logo.


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  2. ^ The two red containers had the markings indicating they had minor metals inside [identified by the gray markings on the container]. In the final game, red containers had the highest amount of unprocessed resources, roughly ten times that of a white container [in this case, it meant each container had 4000 unprocessed Minor Metals inside].
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