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This article is about an AI construct. You may be looking for The actual Rosemary, the girlfriend and later wife of Raiden.

Late into the Big Shell Incident, an AI construct of Raiden's girlfriend Rosemary was used by the Patriots.


The Manhattan Incident

See also: Tanker Incident and the Big Shell Incident

On late April 29, early April 30, 2009, after the real Rose ended up defying orders from the Patriots and told her boyfriend, Raiden, the truth about her being a Patriot agent who developed legitimate feelings for him and her pregnancy, she was removed from mission control and imprisoned. Her likeness was then replicated by GW, at the time in the late stages of an infection from a worm cluster created by the Patriots via then-recently murdered Emma Emmerich as a last resort if Arsenal Gear was hijacked, in an attempt to force Raiden to discontinue from going through Arsenal Gear, with the Colonel AI construct, modeled after the likeness of Colonel Roy Campbell, inferring that Solidus Snake and the Sons of Liberty captured her and placed her in the holds. Although Raiden briefly reacted and almost fell for the trick, Solid Snake assured him that it was a trick, and that since the Colonel was not real, and thus could not be holding Rose hostage, the Rose that Raiden witnessed was not actually her either.[1] This revelation, alongside a comment made by Olga Gurlukovich earlier regarding whether Raiden would "handle the truth,"[2] caused him to become disturbed at the possibility that Rose herself may not even exist.[1] The Rose AI was deleted shortly thereafter.

However, after Arsenal Gear crashed into Federal Hall, another AI of Rose and the Colonel contacted Raiden, announcing the true intentions of the S3 Plan: manipulating history and individuals and censoring the digital flow of information, as well as telling him that the S3 Plan was a resounding success thanks to Raiden. The Colonel ordered Raiden to kill Solidus; if Raiden died, the Patriots would terminate Rose, their unborn child, and Olga's daughter Sunny, which also confirmed to Raiden that Rose did indeed exist. Midway through the fight, the Rose AI, alongside the Colonel, contacted Raiden to goad him into finishing off Solidus. When Raiden tried to reason with them, the Colonel and Rose AI implied that they ultimately viewed him as nothing but a weapon / tool unworthy of possessing free will.[3]

Behind the scenes

The Rosemary AI is a minor character in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Similar to the Colonel occasionally adopting skull-like features, the Rose AI during the AI speech to Raiden also developed some inhuman features, although in her case it is blank eyes. The real Rose, when she was forced out of the mission upon revealing she was pregnant with Raiden's child, also demonstrated similar physical traits.

Notes and references

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