Rogue Coyote was one of the three major PFs operating in the Angola-Zaire border region in 1984, the other two being Zero Risk Security and Contract Forces of Africa. Of the three, Rogue Coyote was also the smallest. 


Rogue Coyote started out as a group known as the Southern Rhodesia Volunteers. They deployed to fight guerrillas in the Malayan Emergency. Later, Rogue Coyote recruited most of the Rhodesian SAS (which had its origins with the British SAS, specifically the 22 SAS, C Squadron) after the country collapsed in 1979. Other members formerly served with the Selous Scouts and 32 Battalion, as well as the British SAS itself. They're the smallest of the groups operating in the Angola-Zaire border region, but their soldiers were some of the best.[1][2] Unlike the other PFs in the region, Rogue Coyote lacks a company-wide doctrine, being made up of multiple commanders that each run their own individual units at their own discretion.[3]


Rogue Coyote were known to operate in the eastern regions of the area and were led by "The Major."[4] They were stationed in Munoko Ya Nioka StationNgumba Industrial ZoneKungenga Mine and Bampeve Plantation. It is also implied that Rogue Coyote was the PF that the Mbele Squad platoon leader joined after "selling out" his own unit.[5] A truck driver belonging to this PF was later reassigned to near the Ngumba Industrial Zone's entrance to do guard duty relating to the experiments going on there, with his predecessor being mentioned as having been killed due to breaching protocol by trying to save the experimented prisoners.


Rogue Coyote, as well as the other PF's operating in the Angola-Zaire Border Region, were mostly supplied with Western arms and equipment.

Western Equipment


  • AM MRS-4R Assault Rifle

    A Soldier Guarding A Container

  • UN-ARC CS Battle Rifle
  • UN AAM Machine Gun
  • MACHT-37 Submachine Gun


  • Killer Bee Missile Launcher


  • M84A MAGLOADER Main Battle Tank
  • STOUT IFV-SC Recon Vehicle
  • STOUT IFV-FS Fire Support Vehicle
  • BOAR-53CT Support Carrier Truck
  • APE T-41LV Jeep

However, they were also known to use some Soviet equipment as well.

Soviet Equipment


  • Kabarga-83 Shotgun


Furthermore, in 1984 they were supplied with prototype Walker Gears by Cipher as part of Skull Face's plan. 


The members of Rogue Coyote usually wore brown BDU shirts and beige cargo pants, with black combat boots. In some cases they wore blue body armor. Similar to the Contract Forces of Africa, they also utilized South African Defense Force M83 Chest Rigs and M83 Battle Jackets.

Rogue Coyote mercenary

Rogue Coyote's logo is primarily black and white, featuring an upside-down black spade as well as the center featuring a white Coyote skull to the upper jaw, two SVG-76s with their barrels facing away at the bottom, and two palm leaves, with the tip of the spade featuring the name of the organization.


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