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Reeve was a former member of Cipher's strike force, XOF.


Ground Zeroes Incident

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Reeve, who removed his XOF patches to avoid raising suspicion and to keep the unit existence secret, was present during the assault on Mother Base, under the guise of a UN nuclear inspection. During the final stage of the attack, a wormhole unexpectedly opened up above the sinking Mother Base, sucking several people and objects in. Reeve and several of his "brothers" were then sent to a strange parallel world.

Meet the Captain

Reeve found shelter in a ruined building. Here he encountered an unnamed Mother Base survivor from the aforementioned event, and although he initially intended to kill the survivor, he ultimately was forced to work together with the survivor to escape an encounter with a group of Wanderers. During the event, he was forced to gun down his former comrades, who had become one of the creatures.

After Reeve saved the survivor's life, Goodluck offered him the opportunity to work with him and the "Captain", and a reluctant Reeve accepted the offer. Reeve than planted some C-4 while the Captain made a way out of the ruins.

He destroyed the ruins with C4, though because he came down with hyperthermia, he initially wasn't able to aid the Captain directly. He also was suspicious about a Charon Corps member's death upon learning he died from being shot, suspecting that someone from within the Corps was responsible instead of the Wanderers, with his suspicions eventually being proven.

Behind the scenes

Reeve (リーヴ) is a character who appears in Metal Gear Survive. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer. He was first seen in the 5 minute gameplay trailer for the game, and was identified in a leaked gameplay video for the game.[1] He is the only character in the game besides the Captain to interact with Chris/Goodluck as both a child and an adult.

It's implied that Reeve has feelings for Miranda, with Dan even sarcastically calling the two "lovebirds." In real life, Matthew Mercer is married to Miranda's voice actress Marisha Ray.

Reeve is voiced by Matt Mercer, who coincidentally also starred in another zombie centric series, Capcom's Resident Evil/Biohazard, as he played Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4, 6, and the animated movie, Degeneration.



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