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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

The San Hieronymo rail bridge under blockade in 1970.

The rail bridge on the San Hieronymo Peninsula was a structure built for the purpose of providing passage between the eastern half of the peninsula and the western half, which were divided by a river. Buildings included a cabin on the western side of the bridge, and a security station and observation post on the eastern side.


San Hieronymo Incident

Main article: San Hieronymo Incident

In 1970, the rail bridge was closed off and turned into a checkpoint by Red Army soldiers under the command of renegade FOX commander Gene, presumably due to the actions of Big Boss's resistance group. After learning that the bridge was under heavy guard and that trucks were being used as road blocks, Big Boss and Roy Campbell realized that they would be unable to sneak through, and lacked sufficient manpower to break through. They then decided to create several diversions by destroying key enemy facilities and prominent landmarks via TNT, to draw forces away from the bridge. After succeeding in this, Big Boss's resistance are able to cross the bridge, though they now had to avoid the newly deployed FOX soldiers that were operating in the area.

Later, a map showing the location of the guest house was supplied to the rail bridge security guards. This map was stolen by the resistance group in order to rescue Big Boss, who had been caught and imprisoned in the guest house.


Soldier classes

Soldier equipment

  • M1911A1 (shielded soldiers)
  • M16 (Soviet soldiers/Soviet officers)
  • AK-47 (Soviet soldier, during the checkpoint event)
  • Vz-61 Scorpion (FOX soldiers)

Story missions


"Your job is to observe and assess the security situation on the rail bridge. How many soldiers are deployed there, and whether there are barricades or other heavy defensive measures in place."
―Roy Campbell
  • change to a Soviet soldier in your unit
  • go E
  • go to checkpoint (N)

The other side

"How's the guard situation on the bridge? Looking good, huh? Then all we need to do now is cross over. We're heading into the east side of the peninsula."
―Roy Campbell

  • Go E hide behind wall near bridge
  • there is a guard patrolling (N-S) behind the wall.
  • wait until he heads S then follow behind him
  • there is a gap in the bridge (SE) use this to hang under the bridge.
  • move to the next gap (S)
  • when the guard moves past climb up.
  • sneak behind him and knock him out him
  • continue S
  • guard (SW) at S end of bridge
  • he will eventually patrol (E-W) snipe him as he goes past
  • move to wall by window (SE) and knock to get (Fox) guards interest
  • he will see the sleeping guard and walk towards him
  • run behind him and knock him out.
    • (go to building (W))
    • (knock on wall to get (Fox)guards attention)
    • (move to wall on other side of the door but face towards the door)
    • (hold up guard as he investigates)
    • (m37 in (SW) room behind desk)
  • go to checkpoint

"Map Found"

"Sources indicate that a map showing the route to the guest house has been provided to the rail bridge security guards."
―Spy report from the rail bridge

Optional missions

"M37 Found"

"Sources indicate that there is an M37 shotgun stored in the rail bridge security guardhouse. We assess that it is available for procurement at any time."
―Spy report from the rail bridge

Items procured

  • M37
  • Secret doc (Map with routes to the guest house)