In 1984, a prisoner escort for the Red Army was ordered to transfer a prisoner known as Malak from Lamar Khaate Palace to Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost

The soldier was sympathetic to Malak and was disappointed when he learned that Malak was not going to receive medical attention and was going to be interrogated again. After escorting Malak to the interrogation room, he tried to cheer Malak up by claiming that his family was still alive (not knowing that Malak didn't speak Russian and knew that his family was dead). Afterwards, Venom Snake managed to rescue Malak.

Behind the Scenes

The Lamar Khaate Palace prisoner escort is a character in Mission 10: Angel With Broken Wings. The player can fulton recover him if they wish, though recruiting him is not necessary for either completing the mission itself or the various related mission tasks. His character model, rank and code name on Mother Base are always the same.


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