A Plushy Snare was a type of bait for various unsuspecting soldiers for a trap. It makes electronic animal calls, which causes the soldier to drop his or her guard and adore the toy. It comes in a wolf pup variant and a leopard cub variant.

Behind the scenes

"Plushy Snare.
Place your adorable little stuffed animal on the battlefield and watch the most battle-hardened leatherneck stop mid attack to gaze lovingly at its cuteness.
―Plushy snare description in Metal Gear Solid Online 3.

The Plushy Snare is a weapon in the third iteration of Metal Gear Online. According to the commentary for the debut trailer, the wolf version of the plushy snare weapon was largely derived from the dirty magazine item from prior Metal Gear titles in terms of function. They had also initially planned to use an actual live puppy for the game, but they changed it after realizing the implication that players could decide to just shoot and harm the puppy if it was real. As a result, the change was made in order to avoid receiving a moral backlash.


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